Knowing full well that this may destroy my TV addict street cred, I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I really enjoyed Thursday’s episode of OCTOBER ROAD. Call me a sucker for the guy getting the girl (or simply a big fan of air bands) but I really want to see Donna and Eric… I mean Hannah and Nick become a family. I’ll even go as far to say that I enjoyed agoraphobic Phil’s crush on the pizza delivery girl. With only one more episode scheduled to air on ABC, this TV addict can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for the cast of OCTOBER ROAD.

Rebecca, we tried to warn you! (Clearly you don’t frequent theTVaddict.com). Walker family dinners never end well and last nights ‘meet Rebecca’ dinner was no exception.

That said even we didn’t foresee Kevin turning all ‘CSI’ as he awkwardly attempted to pull out a strand of your hair. Did he really think you wouldn’t feel a hair being pulled out of your head?

So there’s what you’ve been missing for twenty one years, one really crazy family. It’s somewhat perplexing that even after you were put on display like an adorable zoo animal, you’re still angry at your mother for not letting you grow up with the somewhat nutty Walker clan.

Moving on to another brother, Tommy, what’s the deal with you wanting to know who the bio-dad of your twin’s really are? How exactly will it make you feel better if you know that either Justin or Kevin’s ‘little guys’ made it to the finish line? I say just wait a few years and watch closely to see if either twin has an addictive personality

And finally, Nora. It’s about time you stopped blaming Holly, Rebecca and the rest of the family for William’s indiscretions. Your final scene as you tossed William’s wedding ring into the water was one of your strongest this season. Emmy voters take note.

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  • mohammad

    october road is a MAJOR copy of glory days.
    like everything. read this premise/synopsis of glory days and you’ll be shocked.

    “Seven years ago, Mike Dolan (Eddie Cahill) wrote a novel, with characters based on people from his home town of Lake Glory. The novel was a huge success; it made the bestseller list and was turned into a movie. When Mike gets an extreme case of writer’s block, he decides to return to Lake Glory, where he runs into angry townies, determined to see him fail.” (from tv.com)

  • Common Sense

    I’m SO glad someone finally pointed this out!! I gave it some passing thought, when I first heard OR’s plot. The only difference in the two shows is: 1) Glory Days had Emily VanCamp (yea!)…
    as well as some convoluted “mystery” plot. Well, I guess OR is convoluted, too.

  • You know, I gave October Road a valiant effort, but I just couldn’t get into it.

    I nearly died when I saw him pull out the hair, then everyone put him on the spot forcing out why he really took the strand of hair. With family like that, who needs enemies, LOL.