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When I was little, I believed there was some way for the Tanners to adopt me, and that I could go live with them in San Francisco, and my life would be perfect. Every obstacle tackled in 30 minutes. My dad, and my loving uncle, and my dad’s adult-friend would take care of me, and I’d have these automatic 3 sisters who would joke with me, and pick on me, but ultimately would love me like I was their sister all along. I was probably 7 years old when I had this wish.

It’s almost been 18 years since then (does that make you Full House viewers feel old? It certainly makes me feel old), and I still find myself wishing at times that I could be swept into another world on TV –

If I could have any parents on TV be my parents in real life (don’t worry, Mom and Dad, you’re both freaking awesome), I would choose Eric and Tami Taylor. They banter, they bicker, they support each other, they love each other, they’re just the greatest couple on TV (they’re raising one half of the other coolest couple on TV, Julie Taylor. She seems like she’d be a cool sister). They provide a good support system for Julie, they really make me believe that they’re in a tight knit family that doesn’t compare to any other tight-knit family we’ve seen in recent years on TV.

I would absolutely want to be sister to the crazy Walker family. Yeah, they don’t like outsiders as much as they should, but can you imagine immediately having this brand new batch of Brothers and Sisters, and having to deal with that? It would certainly be intense!

Who would I want to hang out with? Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar seem like an interesting duo to spend time with. I could totally hang with them. Tyra Collette from FNL is such a rebel. I think I’d hang out with her if wanted to shop lift something fun. I think Heather from Jericho would be a good friend to have. She seems to be some kind of engineering genius, and that could come in handy. I could totally see myself snarking it up with Veronica Mars. She’d have trouble out-snarking me, I think. It would be a friendship made in the stars, I feel!

Hate to say it, but I’d fawn over so many guys, I’d probably start to get a bad reputation. I’d go for the bad guy – Tim Riggins, Logan Echolls. I’d go for the good guy – Matt Saracen, Stosh “Piz” Piznarski. I’d go for the quirky guy – Patrick Bachelor (does anyone else miss Men In Trees), Henry the Accountant. As my Gram would say – my dreamy TV character dance card would be full, and that’s fun to imagine, isn’t it?

What about you? What family do you want? What friends do you think you’d make if you could be a part of a TV show?

In Other News
I love Eddie Izzard, but I find myself interested in fast forwarding any scene on The Riches that involves his Wayne character acting like Doug Rich, the lawyer, at work. It’s almost painful to watch him try and make his lie work. The only kid I really find myself not annoyed with is Dede. And the only character whose amount of screen time makes me happy is Dahlia (Minnie Driver). I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – this part was tailor made for her, and she knocks it out of the park.

I’m so excited for the season premiere of Entourage next weekend. I miss Vinnie and the gang. I really love that show!

I forced my friend Julie to sit and watch one episode of Friday Night Lights (the pilot). She got done and without provocation, started episode 2. Cut to 3 days later, she’s on episode 17 and is completely obsessed. With Friday Night Lights, you’re either someone who has seen one episode and loves it, or you’re someone who hasn’t seen an episode. No one that watches this show hates it. You need to check it out before it’s too late!! has all episodes, 1-19!

I can’t wait for all new episodes of The Office, starting this week with a 40 minute episode. 30 Rock is also back this week. Heroes comes back soon – I’m looking forward to how they tie everything together before the end of the season.

My final thoughts for you today – please watch Veronica Mars when it returns on May 1. Mark it on your calendars. Set your DVRs now. Give The CW a real reason to renew it!!! And also – I don’t think Studio 60 is coming back. Your thoughts?

Feedback is always welcome!

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  • Alyssa

    18 years since Full House ended? ‘Cause I’m eighteen and I watched that show while it was still on. Even got tickets to watch it live. Yes, I had a lame childhood.

  • Oh, it’s been like 20 years since it started, and 18 years since I dreamed of being a part of the Tanner Family. It’s only been 12 years since it’s ended or something like that….Still….that’s a long time ago 🙂