Gilmore Girls Officially Over?

theTVaddict’s mailbox has been inundated with news this evening that the cast and crew of GILMORE GIRLS were officially told today that the show is ending this May. While I’ve fired off an email to my friends at Warner Bros Television for confirmation, I’m still waiting to hear back. Stay tuned… for as soon as I hear something you’ll be the first to know.

Update: My source has informed me that at this time, there will be no official comment from Warner Bros. It should be noted that the last time I received a ‘no comment’ this quickly from Warner Bros, it was to deny the cancellation of THE OC! Needless to say, stay tuned…

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  • There was a time when this news would devastate me. Now, I’m kind of indifferent. My honest first reaction? “Whew, that frees up one more hour a week on my DVR!”

  • Misty

    The show is really not that good anymore, so I’m hoping it’ll be over in May. It deserves to exit with SOME dignity.

  • Laura

    Awww no GG love yet? I will be very sad to see the show go, and I would LOVE an 8th season. However I love Veronica Mars a tad bit more and I know that GG going off the air gives VM a better chance so I guess I’m ready to say goodbye. It’s been a great 7 years (errrr… sorta, lol I mean I think the second half of season 7 has been good so far and I think the rest of the season will be great, but yea season 6 and the beginning of season 7 weren’t the best). I just want to find out for sure sooner rather than later, but I have a feeling we won’t find out until the May upfronts.

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  • Luana

    It has been a long time since GG could be called entertainment. After a season and a half of witnessing its agony and after reading some spoilers, I won’t be watching the last five episodes anyway, so I say lets put this once great and bright show to rest before David Rosenthal or whoever else takes his place can damage it even more.