Glenn Close Returns, Heaven Meets Its Maker (Again) And Donnely’s Face Dark Day!

Ordinarily, the fact that CHEERS’ Ted Danson and THE OC’s Tate Donovan are doing a series would be big news. But when everyone’s favorite bunny-boiler, Glenn Close, takes the lead role in a show, she’s who all the buzz is going to be about. Heck, Close managed to practically steal THE SHIELD from the inimitable Michael Chiklis during her 2005 stint on that series (which returns, by the way, tonight on FX for its sixth season). Not surprisingly, FX is keeping Close on the payroll, having given her previously unnamed pilot – now dubbed DAMAGES – a pilot order. The new series will find Close playing a high-stakes litagator.

In other news, 7th HEAVEN’s new life has proven fairly short-lived. After airing what was billed as its “final episode” in May of 2006 and then being resurrected on The CW when it launched in September, HEAVEN will now go to its final resting place (read: eternal syndication) following the episode slated to air on Sunday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET. (More on the cancellation to come — trust us, we at are planning a party!)

And it looks as if there are dark days ahead for THE BLACK DONNELLYS. Although NBC has not addressed the shows fate, a press release announced that a new reality series from Ashton Kutcher will drive the Irish boys out of their time slot beginning on April 23. While that technically means that the Mob brood are on “hiatus,” chances are good that the show won’t be coming back. It’s replacement? THE REAL WEDDING CRASHERS. You can’t make this stuff up. Trust us, we try. The reality show will focus on a team of improv actors who stir things up at wedding receptions. Don’t worry, we’re assured that the bride and groom are always in on the pranks.

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  • Emily

    I may be in the minority, but I have loved the Black Donnelly’s…it’s a far better show than Studio 60. I understand that it hasn’t be very successful show, but why, why, why are scripted shows continually being passed over for reality TV, especially trash like The Real Wedding Crashers? What gives?? A few years ago I was certain that the reality TV craze was just that, a fad that wouldn’t last long. Is it possible that reality TV is getting more popular? Is there an end in sight?
    And to relieve my reality TV anxiety, when will we start to hear about new scripted pilots for the fall? It’s always exciting to speculate on what might become the new Lost, Heroes, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, The Office, etc.

  • Jenn

    First time commenter, long time reader of the

    Boo to that. I have really gotten into the Black Donnelly’s and have been a fan since it started back in March. I am really getting sick of the Reality TV. Sure I have my favorites in that genre (Amazing Race, Big Brother anyone) but the rest of it? I can take it or leave it and I generally leave it these days.

    I am also getting quite sick of the networks pulling shows after just a few episodes because it is not instantly the big success that they expect. Sometimes shows need time to develop and get a fan base. Viewers have stopped trying out new shows because they are afraid that the show might end up being cancelled. The show that was airing after LOST last season comes to mind. Starred Eddie Cibrian and was about the survivors of a hurricane and the odd goings on in the aftermath. I really enjoyed it (even if I can’t remember it’s name).

    I really hope the BD’s stays on the air. I have enjoyed it thus far. It’s still feeling out for it’s groove but when it does I expect it could be a spectacular show!

  • Tim

    Damnit. This sucks, I have REALLY enjoyed the Black Donnelly’s. I really hope this isn’t the end for the show.

  • David

    Ditto…the Black Donnelly’s is one of the better new shows this season!

  • Jason in the OC

    Speaking of The Shield, it returns tonight. Best cop show ever!!

  • Kayleigh

    It’s always the good that die young. I’ve become so obsessed with the Black Donnellys lately. It’s one of the better shows on NBC.

  • Nichole

    I too love The Black Donnellys, I think the show would do 50 times better ratings wise if they moved the show up to like 8 or 9 or even changed the day. 10 PM is kinda late for an hour long show, especially for since I have to be up at 5 in the morning (thank heavens for DVR!)

  • Moni

    Finally 7th Heaven is over! Thank goodness!
    Really I dint liked when they extended what was inevitable on the first ending. I still dint get it why they regret putting and end to it? It got into a ridiculous circle of the same things and the same lines! – Except for the Tatoo episode- I could just do a victory Dance for the decision of putting a final dot in it.

    PS> Someone knows when its coming back Gilmore Girls?