HIDDEN PALMS To Premiere May 30

The CW has finally revealed the premiere date for its much delayed hour long sudser HIDDEN PALMS. In a press release sent to theTVaddict.com, CW President Dawn Ostroff, announced that HIDDEN PALMS will debut on Wednesday, May 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

Multi-generational HIDDEN PALMS focuses on Johnny Miller (Taylor Handley, “The O.C.”), a teen who is struggling to come to terms with two tragedies in the strange and artificial atmosphere of Palm Springs. In addition to Handley, HIDDEN PALMS features a star-studded ensemble cast including “NYPD Blue” veterans Gail O’Grady and Sharon Lawrence, D.W. Moffett (“Traffic”), and fresh faces such as Amber Heard (“Alpha Dog”), Michael Cassidy (“The O.C.”), Ellary Porterfield (“The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio”) and Tessa Thompson (“Veronica Mars”).

Even more interesting is the fact that the new series will serve as the lead-in for this season’s final three original episodes of ONE TREE HILL including that show’s season finale on Wednesday, June 13. OTH fans take note — it’s never a good sign when your show has been pushed off the pivotal May Sweeps schedule (see EVERWOOD last year). May I humbly suggest kicking your fan campaign into high gear… NOW.

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  • Please don’t encourage the OTH fans. Yes, I watch the show but I am so ready for it to be canceled and put out of its ridiculous misery.

    I’m pretty excited for the Hidden Palms premiere. I liked the pilot much more than I expected to.

  • Carrie, I’m very proud of myself that I haven’t watched the show since I pledged to stop watching at the beginning of the season.

    And as much as I’d like to comment on HIDDEN PALMS, I have yet to see it

    friends at the wb, you know my address

  • Sam

    OTH is still on the air? You’d barely notice since I never see commercials for it when I watch VM. I agree with Carrie, no encoragement. We’ll strive for next year to be the year where we actually like the CW.

  • Common Sense

    You’re a little off on OTH. CW only shelved it for April, since PCDolls were doing better with the repeats on Wed. after ANTM. New eps of OTH will return May 2nd and continue thru mid-June. Hidden Palms just picks up the added benefit of airing on a night with a similar-genre series ramping up toward its season finale. I’m stoked for Hidden Palms, frankly. There will be so much repeat & reality crap this summer, it will be nice to finally look at pretty people in the desert for a couple months.

    The only downside to Hidden Palms premiering this late is….the CW’s Upfront (and Fall lineup announcement) is May 17….meaning the execs never were able to gauge whether the soap could pull an audience. Sure, if it’s hot, they can put it back into production, but probably not for Sept. I really don’t know why they held this drama for so long. It seems a perfect match for the CW’s younger audience.

  • Common Sense, While you not surprisingly make ‘sense’ I still stand by the fact that it’s never a good sign when repeats of the PUSSYCAT DOLLS are out performing new episodes of OTH.

  • Marcy

    TV Addict, I am convinced that you are retarded. ONE TREE HILL IS LOVE.

  • Marcy, the term ‘retarded’ is offensive.

    If you must, simply call me an idiot or a moron.

  • Josh

    Carrie, I agree with you. I’ve watched all four seasons of OTH, and it has not been very good at all this season. Most of the characters and storylines are incredibly dislikable. It’s pretty much time for it to end. Though I have to admit, the idea Mark Schwan has mentioned about skipping ahead 4 years sounds interesting.

    I will be angry if OTH is brought back yet Veronica Mars and Supernatural are not.

  • Common Sense

    Agree, Josh….if aging and creatively-expired OTH takes a slot at the expense of Supernatural, there will be a huge price to pay with prolonged fan backlash. I say again, Sam and Dean are the BEST thing The CW has going for it. Imagine what the show could do in a plum timeslot, instead of the worst timeslot in all of television!!??

  • Jordan

    OTH should totally make it in the 07-08 line up. It’s been a really great season and season 5 sounds like it will be just like season 1. So I hope it does get picked up again!


    I just want to say that I am really excited about Hidden Palms, I’ve seen the Pilot and love it already. On a side note, I think the OTH skipping-four-years idea is a great idea. The show has changed from season 1 to season 4 (people say its no longer ‘good,’ yet it’s fan base keeps growing); chances are if OTH continues into college then it would likely fade. Skipping four years can bring back some of the old OTH and reinvigorate the show…So I say give OTH a season 5!!!

  • Ashley

    My question is, How can people not like One Tree Hill? I mean this show has everything from bestfriends, to love triangles to young Married people having babies, Pill Poppin Moms, Killer dads, Alcoholic uncles (RIP KEITH). It’s just an amazing show. I just don’t think people and The CW give it enough credit. The Mastermind behind it all (Mark Shwaynn), is the best creator any show has. He acres about his fans. He is there for his fans. He wants what we all want and that is a 5th Season (STRIVE FOR FIVE), Also not to mention the Cast, such as James Lafferty who throws awesome and amazing (So i’ve heard) Charity games. Just for his fans. I do not want to see this show end and I def. do not want to see my favorite Actors and Actresses out of a job.

    Also Hidden Palms looks okay to me. Unlike some people. I give things a chance 🙂

  • Callum

    No, it’s never a good sign for it to be pushed back, but Dawn cannot ignore the popularity of the show and the fanbase it has. OK, so PCD may be doing better than OTH, however (and being a TV Addict you’ll understand this) being a reality show and the type of show it is, the audience is totally different and the fact it is doing “better” isn’t really a problem being the targets are totally different so it’s not like it’s stealing OTH’s fanbase.

    What’s more, the show is in syndication with SOAPnet and it’s latest soundtrack is selling fast. You cannot ignore these are all good points (along with the improved ratings) and so with the ratings and the revenue coming in thick and fast, the CW would be barmy to cancel the show.

    I think they know they’re keeping OTH on board and so they don’t think it’s much of a problem pushing it back…

  • shelby strive for 5

    i would just like to say that i agree with Ashley oth rules

    naley brace brucas and leyton always and forever

  • jessica

    oh, and um…i wouldnt make fun of oth, when vm just got cancelled, jokes on you hun.