Fox cancels Kelley’s Wedding As Viewers Fall Hard For Tudors

If you’ve been meaning to check out David E. Kelley’s midseason show THE WEDDING BELLS, you best do so soon. Fox will shut down production of the series following completion of its seventh episode. In a statement, Fox said, “While we’ve been pleased with the show creatively, and David’s writing was first-rate, it just didn’t secure the ratings we’d hoped for.” Based on overwhelmingly negative critical response to the series, one has to wonder if the network has a different definition of “first rate” than the rest of the world!

In other news, expect Showtime to announce a second season for THE TUDORS any day now. The debut of the pricey costume drama was the highest rated premiere on the channel in three years. In fact, the inaugural episode brought in over 40 percent more viewers than the first episode of DEXTER and nearly 80 percent more eyeballs than watched the launch of WEEDS. Assuming those numbers don’t slide drastically, Showtime will no doubt wish they had more than six episodes to offer fans hungry for the sexy saga.

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