LIVE Blogging LOST (Episode 15, Season 3)

10:01PM: Juliette just pulled a Jennifer Garner on Kate. Those are some serious ALIASesque moves.

10:06PM: I know I should remember this jewelry woman’s connection to Sawyer or LOST, but it’s been like two years. What was her deal?

10:12PM: Ummm… Thelma and Louise anyone?

10:14PM: Handcuffs… this should be interesting.

10:18PM: Commercial Commentary [Is it wrong that I like OCTOBER ROAD?]

10:22PM: “Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on” Is Kate talking to Juliette or the viewers?

10:23PM: Not to be one of those people I hate… but I knew that wasn’t Kate.

10:26PM: Wet tshirts, Handcuffs… for sure Benry Gale is watching this all on a monitor.

10:28PM: The Monster… odd that Juliette asked “What the hell was that” You’d think she’d have either encountered the smoke monster already, or at least know the truth about it.

10:30PM: Does anyone else think Juliette’s acting and the whole being handcuffed to Kate is one of those classic ‘other’ mind fraks?

10:35PM: Claire has another line this week. Congrats! Loving Sawyer playing politician. Fake being nice to everyone. “He’s not as wrinkly as he was a few weeks ago”

10:41PM: Place your bets. How long until a Sawyer ’08 tshirt appears on cafepress.

10:43PM: Choosing your abusive second husband over your own daughter… that’s got to suck.

10:46PM: Obviously I’ve been on far too much of a SUPERNATURAL kick… but hello.. black smoke = demon!

10:47PM: Did I not call it at precisely 10:30PM (see previous!)… Juliette planned the whole handcuff thing. Okay, I sort of called it.

10:52PM: What a coincidence, I too had a giant boar just like that for dinner! I can’t believe Hurley was just toying with Sawyer. That was awesome. “You tricked me into being decent, that was the lamest con ever!” Great line.

10:53PM: Love the shots of the random LOSTIES… who among them are going to be the next Nikki and Paulo. And where are Rose and Bernard? Surely they’d show up for Boar?

10:57PM: There’s a Sawyer jr. How much to you want to bet he shows up in the black box along with Papa Locke.

10:59PM: Juliette on the beach.. akkwwaarddd. Next week’s episode looks amazing. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Hope LIVE LOST BLOGGING entertained you a bit during the commercials!

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  • rlw

    Oh, Kate and Sawyer’s babymama…..awk-ward!

  • How freaky does ‘The Reaping’ Look?

  • Common Sense

    Their babymama?!! What am I missing?

  • So, Kate hung out with the woman who learned conning (sp?) from Sawyer. I’m glad they’re bringing back the interconnectedness concept. We haven’t seen many backstory connections lately.

    As for Juliette, yeah, I guess she’s not only in the Others book club but also the Others martial arts club. 😉

  • rlw

    No, that chick had Sawyers daughter, or am I remembering wrong?

  • Yea, Juliette has got some moves. Can’t wait for this rumble in the jungle coming up!!!

  • Sydney vs Francie (ALIAS season 2 finale)…. or Six vs Starbuck (BSG season 1) – best chick fights ever.

  • Common Sense

    OK, where are Locke and The Others going? And what about Papa Locke?

  • Syd vs. Freplica was TOTALLY the best chick fight on film. Well, on TV. Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah was the best on film in Kill Bill.

  • Common Sense, this is LOST. I’m sure we won’t see Papa Locke for at least a month!

  • Papa Locke? I’m sure we’ll found out what happened to him next season. 😉

  • rlw

    What about Krystle and Alexis…yikes I’m old!

  • Jennifer

    Is it wrong that I like OCTOBER ROAD – Yes 😉
    I was just raging on it as the commercial aired lol

    Here comes the catfight

  • Bring it on Jenn… can I call you Jenn? 🙂

  • Common Sense

    That was a lot of cop-power staking out for one girl. And who answered the door? That wasn’t Kate’s mother (who used to be Zelda on Sabrina).

  • Common Sense… I thought that was zelda from sabrina?

  • Common Sense

    Finally, the frikkin monster returns. ‘Bout time. Maybe the audience will return, too.

  • rlw

    Well just great, they summoned that stupid monster!!

  • Yes, that was Kate’s mother. Beth Broderick has always played Kate’s mom.

  • rlw

    Is it wrong that I find all of your comments more interesting than the show most times?

  • e-z-e

    is it weird that Juliet just asked “what the #3LL was that” about the smoke monster noise? Shouldn’t she know?

  • Tonight’s biggest mystery… Will sabrina the teenage witch ever act again?

  • First, October Road. Now, Notes From the Underbelly. Meh. Why do they have to keep messing with Men In Trees’ time slot?

  • rlw

    Did the monster just take their freakin picture?

  • Seems like, regardless of whether people are running from a polar bear or a smoke monster, everybody always hides in that same circular collection of skinny tree trunks. The makers of the show must love those trees.

  • Common Sense

    I guess we can assume that since Juliette seems genuinely surprised & scared, the monster is not a “work” of The Others. The whole flash thing is one of the freakiest mysteries yet.

  • Todd… Apparently money doesn’t grow on well, trees…. LOST only has enough money for one set of trees. Anytime you see an actor hiding. It’s just in the same tree!

  • How much do you freaking love Juliette?! Finally another chick that can match Kate in bad-assery.

  • rlw

    Back to the tree circle!!!!

  • “We don’t know what it is, but we do know it doesn’t like our fences”


  • Common Sense

    Smokey The Monster….I just don’t get it.

  • Tim G.. why is it ‘INN-teresting’ and not simply ‘interesting’?

  • I’ll bet Ben is the one person who does know what the smoke monster is. Either that, or Juliette is lying about the monster too.

  • rlw

    Oh snap, where IS Sayid?

  • because I don’t know how to html me some italics or bold.

    emphasis baby, emphasis.

  • rlw

    Oh, thanks Juliette.

  • rlw

    I knew I was right about the baby!!!!!

  • You like the nice little look of heartbreak on Kate’s face when Jack asked “Even…even Juliette?”

  • Common Sense

    Heck, why not move the whole beach gang into those cool digs The Others left behind?

    Hmmm, that preview just looked cool. What’s with the giant foot, I wanna know?

  • hitchcock

    neext week looks kickasssss

  • The Ikea Houses

  • “If I tell you everything I know, they’ll kill me.”
    “What do you think I’ll do if you don’t?”

    Oooh. LOST is BACK baby!

  • rlw

    Come on Common Sense, that would make….well….common sense! (sorry)

  • When has Lost made sense?

  • I was thinking the same thing about the Others’ houses. Even if they shut the power and water off before leaving, at least the shelter and comforts (such as the game room) are a step up from huts. If power and/or water are still on, well, that’s ten times better than living on the beach.

  • Tim

    I actually don’t see moving in those houses as logical. That’s the Others’ turf. You don’t know how they could have that villiage rigged up.

  • im loving juliette and jack together kate is too indisive and cant commit to one decision for long. do you think juliette’s sister or her sister’s baby is gonna have some connection too?