Podcast 40: Supernatural Set Visit

This week, Daniel and Ariel are back talking TV. Daniel talks about his visit to the set of SUPERNATURAL and Ari rambles on as usual. We also touch on AMERICAN IDOL, the Sanjaya phenomenon and your letters.

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  • HAHAHA! Someone emailed me and told me that you guys mentioned me and the set visit in this weeks podcast. I’ve not had a second to catch up on blogs or podcasts so I had to take time to listen while I was at work. I was rollin’ when Ari was like “I’m sure he hates me and wants me off the podcast”… Too funny!

    Glad you finally worked some Degrassi into the cast as well! I love Paige! Okay Hun?

  • Skye2477

    Also Jared as in House of Wax with Paris Hilton… I’ve always thought that’s who he meant… by the way.. first time listener to your pod cast… yeah I listened because of SN. but still. It was very enjoyable, I might have to check back in.

  • Sumit

    The podcast was again only heard in one channel, but the starting and ending music did play in both channels.

    As for the comment from one of the user about Ari not watching enough television, that’s what makes the podcast interesting for me. It’s from a normal persons prespective who also has to keep the normal social life in the picture in addition to being addicted to TV.

    Carry on the good work, watched Friday Night Lights after listening to Daniel praising the show, love it, sad that the season is ending.