Up here in TV addict country, or more specifically Toronto Canada — it’s cold, rainy and miserable on what’s supposed to be a beautiful Wednesday in April. Quite frankly this TV Addict could use a bit of a pic-me-up! And you know what makes a TV Addict happier than Hurley at an all-you-can-eat buffet? Comments left on

Here’s where you come in, introducing the first ever SUPERNATURAL Challenge. Below is a blurred photo that was taken last week on the TV Addict’s SUPERNATURAL set visit. Simply post a comment guessing who you think is in the photo. If the number of guesses reaches one hundred, the TV addict will happily post the original photo for all to enjoy.

supernatural pic

Looking for a clue as to who’s in the photo? Here’s your first clue… he or she isn’t a demon! (Check back later for more clues).

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  • Brie

    Eric Kripke or Sam

  • Laura

    My guess is Sam.

    By the way? That picture at the top with the Winchesters is amazing. I didn’t even realize it was off for a minute. That made my day 😀

  • Antigone


  • That’s totally Jared Padalecki as Sam.

  • Krystina

    I’m thinking it’s Jared, only because I can picture a shirt he’s worn on the show and it’s those colours right there. *points*

  • Brooke

    i think its Jensen Ackles!! hope it is

  • Gillian

    I think it’s Sam.

  • Woodbury

    Maybe it’s Sam?

  • Kate

    It’s Ava.

  • supernaturalsam

    I think it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan…am I right?

  • immie_8

    Is it Jared Padalecki as Sam?…Need more clues!

  • I’m guessing either Jared or JDM.

  • stephanie

    my guess is either jared or kripke!

  • Lia

    Papa John

  • christine

    hmmm. feels like those pictures in a shrinks office, looks like a bat, no, a blood splatter. But, I have heard enough rumors to go with….JDM!

  • tristanrose101

    I see…boxes…of varying sizes….it’s like one of Sammy’s blurred images/visions..Gotta concentrate….Dean??? I see, DAD !

  • Pat

    It’s Jensen!

  • Nibz


  • Renee

    Clearly, that’s Sam (Jared) with his bloody shirt. Clearly!?! Ha! I so amuse myself.

    Are you kidding us? How the hell could anyone tell who or what that might be???? And we are way over 100 now, so give it up Addict!

  • lisa

    i think it’s papa winchester or sammy .
    its a dude with dark hair .. ?
    I’m probably wrong haha ,
    showw uss please ? 😀

  • monkeymermaid25

    hmmmm daddy winchester

  • Whittney

    Sam maybe?

  • hmcwinchesterfan

    Is the picture of JDM because I really hope to see Papa Winchester!

  • scifimouse

    my guess is Sam ………… do you have enough guesses yet?

  • Jay

    It’s Sammy!!

  • Tiffany

    It’s papa Winchester. I know it is because I searched his name on google and this came up 😀