Y&R’s Dru Goes over The Edge… Literally!

Fans of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS won’t want to miss today’s episode, in which much-loved heroine Drucilla Barber Winters (played by fan favorite Victoria Rowell since 1990) makes a shocking exit. Watch for the animosity between rivals Phyllis and Sharon to boil over at a Dru-supervised cliff-side photo shoot, leading to tragedy. Of course, in true soap fashion, Dru’s body won’t be found, leaving the door open for both the character and the actress to return at a later date. If this scenario sounds a tad familiar, that might be due to the fact that back in 2002, another photo shoot turned deadly when Dru’s brother-in-law/one-time-lover, Malcolm, plunged into a river and was presumed dead. Three years later, both Malcolm and his portrayer – Shemar Moore of CBS’ hit CRIMINAL MINDS – were back on the soap when it was explained that rumors of his death had been – whoops! – greatly exaggerated. It’s a given that daytime dramas recast major rolls fairly regularly, often quite successfully. But some speculate that Victoria Rowell’s performance was so original that execs at CBS would be foolish to even attempt having another actress take a shot at playing the fiery fashionista. And that’s what we want your opinion on: Are there soap characters who can’t be replaced? Is Drucilla one of them?

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  • Eric

    victoria rowell is defiently irreplacable.
    i did hear a rumour though that renee Jones( Lexie, DAYS ) was in talks to fill her shoes, which i guess was a rumour but i dotn know how i would feel abou that. she did great work on Days, and i think if she tried she could do it …but i dont think YNR wants to risk it.
    im so glad drucillia is going out in scenes with phyills their enemy-chemisty is so strong i love it!
    & you so know this is going to become a reallly great umbrella story for Y&R and will affect a lot of the chacters on the show. esepcailly Neil, so i hear..
    i love your site. i think you should definetly make a new one called thesoapaddict. id loveeeee it

  • Mr. Brightside

    I watched it last night and had to rewind it just to see it again! It was sooo funny and its an instant classic moment! I also heard the same rumor about Renee Jones (ex-Lexie, DOOL) joining but apparently they are supposed to bring her back to DOOL at a later date (as well).

    Rumors indicate that it wasn’t only the lack of pre-emmy nod but her dislike of the current head writer Lynn Marie Latham and Christel Khalil (who plays her on-screen daughter Lily) as to why she has left. Apparently she was a much bigger fan of Lily #2 (Devetta Sherwood) so when TPTB fired Devetta to bring back Christel, she was PISSED.

    Other characters/portrayers whom I think are irreplacebale:

    – Hope, Marlena, Sami and John from “Days of our Lives”
    – Victor, Dru, Nikki, Jack, Phyllis, Michael, Lauren on “Young and the Restless”
    – Brooke, Eric and Stepahnie on “Bold and the Beautiful”
    – Lily, Holden, Jack, Carly, Simon, Katie and Lucinda on “As The World Turns”…okay so I may be in the minority when it comes to SKATIE lol

  • Ugh, Y&R is so bad these days, and Victoria Rowell leaving is just one more bad thing to add to the pile. Lynn Marie Latham has ruined this show.

  • Eric

    WOW mr.brightside, i never knew victoria rowell was pissed about the whole Lily swap….that is veryintersting… know she also wanted to focus on her book coming out soon but you so know she could of done bother if she really wanted to. i also heared she wanted to write for the show cuase she thought havign an african american writer would be really good but they didnt want that. i think that would piss me off too.
    but the cliffhanger scene was so classic and lily’s face was so funny ill never forget it.
    cant wait for the fall out of this scene.

    i agree with your irreplaceable lists..
    heres mine for some other shows

    General Hospital – Sonny, Alexis, Ric, & jason.
    OLTL – Dorian, Vivki, Blair, Starr, & Bo

  • Jordan

    OMG. I was so shocked when Dru fell over the cliff. I knew something bad was going to happen when Sharon was standing on that big rock. Phyllis is such a B!TCH lately! She got what she wanted, she just should have stayed away! I am surprised that she left because of the recasting of “Lily”, I personally like the original Lily (the one that is playing the role now) the girl that replaced her was good, but Christal K. IS THE LILY. It’s so sad that everything was going to well for Dru and her family too. Hmm.

  • Eric

    todays episode was so intense.
    i wonder if phyllis will spill the beans about the affair and the fight that sent dru and sharon over the edge or keep mum?

  • Mr. Brightside

    I have yet to watch today’s episode but I doubt Phyllis will speak up. The book tour / promo was used to save face. I think she would have stayed if LML and the Lily recast were the only problems but online speculation confirm that the lack of pre-emmy recognition from her peers at the show was the final straw. VR/Dru will be missed. I’m glad her character went off in style.

    Now, I’m just wondering how long it will take her to come back.

  • Eric

    in style. loves it.
    i reallly hope she does come back some day too
    also i hope this gives lily more of an edge something to fight for, and to be more like her mother cuase dru is leaving a big whole in the show.
    but i really cant wait to see how this pans out.

    on the topic of LML, alot of people are upset at her and her crazy storylines – shiela/phyllis & the Carmen Mesta storyline and now this. but iuno how i feel – although these stories are a lil out there and not very genoa city-esque, im still loving them and anticipating every episode.

  • Stefanie


  • I have a feeling that Dru’s body is not going to be found, just a hunch. Why would they possibly have the body be found now, and shut the door on her character coming back to the show a few years down the road? I think Dru should get amnesia, and start a new life as a nun. Oh wait, did that already happen to Reva on Guiding Light? I guess there’s only so many ridiculous plots you can come up with before you start recycling them.

  • Dee

    I love Dru. It would be a shame for her to leave Y&R at this point. Their family has really gone throught alot. It isn’t fare that Sharon was found and has recovered. I think the show could lose Sharon. I hope they work out the situation about Dru leaving. Please bring Dru back.

  • m wylie

    I have to admit victoria plays dru really well. I don’t know if another actress
    could protray her as well but, the character dru plays an important roll on the

  • jersey58335

    The show just wouldnt be the show without Drew. The ratings will go down watch and see.

  • Jason

    Drew is my girl. I think a petention should be started to bring Drew back on Y&R.

  • I WANT DRU BACK!!!!!!!
    Dru was the bomb she put spunk it the Y&R. It’s not the same without her there. I really miss seeing her and I cannot see Neil with no one but DRU!

  • Jensen

    Let her go, get over it for goodness sake. She will come back some time in the future with a memory loss and a new identity. She was over the top anyway and now Neil can fall in love with someone else, start up a new life and Dru will return and blow them all out of the water. Her kids were boring and the new Lillie even more so. That storyline was really bad with Carmen and Neil Dru needed to go then or stay in the luny bin. She needed a pill she was that nuts. I’m glad she went over the cliff, bring on new characters I say, this show needs to get back to better story lines, it has lost the plot.