FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Only One Episode Left

Does anyone else feel that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is wrapping up a few too many story-lines leading up to next weeks season finale?

Don’t get me wrong, I love story-lines that actually pay off and reward viewers that tune in regularly. But I have this sinking suspicion that the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS writers know something we don’t and as a result have been intentionally tying up stories for fear they won’t be getting a second season (both in the TV and literal sense) to do so.

It’s pretty obvious that Coach Taylor is going to cave into Tami’s demand and turn down the job in Austin. How many universities are there in the United States? Thousands. How many Tami Taylor’s are there? ‘Nuff said.

Jason Street has a new job and possibly a new girlfriend. Frankly, it’s about time the guy caught a break and had some happiness in his life. How great was his smile after he told QB1 Jason that he’ll, “Take care of Julie. I’ll give her a nice call and tell her there’s a new girl in town and that girl is me.”

Moving on to the Panther Roast. Sure it’s a conceit of the show, but I absolutely love how every week in Dillon there’s a new after school event revolving around football. Dance, carnival, rally, bake sale — aside from Buddy Garrity, who in Dillon can afford to attend all these events?

I imagine being a football star in Dillon is the equivalent of being a famous child actor. Incredible while you’re at the top, but somewhat sad to know the highlight of your life was when you were seventeen. No wonder Al Bundy couldn’t stop talking about his four touchdowns at Poke High and Brian Bonsall ended up like this.

That said, the Roast was a ton of fun to watch and a welcome change from the horrifying final minutes of last week’s episode. Tami once again proved why she’s worth turning down the TMU job for and Tim Riggin’s line about Matt and Julie had me rolling on the floor laughing — “How ‘bout Saracen sleeping with the coach’s daughter?” Leave it to Tim to empty out a room.

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  • Another fantastic episode, and NBC BETTER re-up this show!

  • Tim

    I’m not worried that they are wrapping stuff up. It’s not like Lost, where if they wrap up everything they have nowhere left to go. There are plenty of other things they could do next season if it is renewed.

  • I’m curious as to which students are graduating this year. Is Riggins not a senior? I suppose he could very easily flunk senior year though!

  • I’m not too nervous that they’re wrapping up some storylines…

    I heard that there would be a lot of cliff hangers left by the end of the finale.

    If , after next week , there are no cliff hangers – THEN I’ll start to worry. ;D lol

  • Tim

    If Riggins were flunking, he wouldn’t even be allowed to play, though.

  • Poor naive Tim…. this is FOOTBALL in TEXAS! Have you not seen those 60 MINUTES. Football is life… who needs crazy things like good grades.

  • Liz

    Great episode. Who knew Landry and Tyra would even have a chance together as a couple? Those two? Almost as adorable as Julie and Matt.

    I can’t it’s already been 21 episodes. What else can they fit in the last episode?

  • Hoser

    I think FNL is safe. They just won a Peabody award, which is HUGE in the industry. It would make NBC look pretty ridiculous if they cancelled their Peabody award winning show — Especially in light of how sucky their lineup is. They need to take the awards where they can get’em!


    What I GREAT SHOW! Can’t wait to watch it every week. Even had to start skipping church on Wed. nights just to watch it! Everyone in my family loves this show Why get rid of a great show? I tis a show the whole family can watch together. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!