Your Favourite Thursday Night Comedy

will arnettLast night NBC gave us new episdoes of THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SCRUBS and ANDY BARKER P.I.. Which begs the question, which was your favourite show last night and why?

This TV Addict’s pic: 30 ROCK, because Will Arnett (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’S Gob Bluth) is officially my new favourite television comedian. Only now, after re-watching the show for its second and third time (weekdays at 5:30 and midnight on CBC) am I fully appreciating the brilliance that was ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Can we not get a Gob and Franklin spin-off?

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  • Jon

    That’s a toughie. The Office, 30 Rock, and Scrubs are all amazing shows that I watch religiously. I don’t really give a crap about Andy Barker PI.

    But as far as comedy goes, The Office was the best of Comedy Night Done Right last night, which is so hard for me to say because last night’s Scrubs was excellent.

    But Michael’s “power suit,” and Dwight’s ninja throwing stars, pepper spray, and nunchucks, the Dwangela moment, Stanley’s comment on Michael’s salary, Creed making up the Dwight/Roy encounter, Kevin’s “Jim…Roy!”, and Kelly’s idea of naming her’s and Ryan’s baby Usher.

  • The Quote of the Week feature needs to be brought back, if only for this gem.

    Jack: “I’ve got a very important meeting coming up and Banks can not be there.”
    Kenneth: “And you want me to kill him.”
    Jack: “…No. I need you to distract him. You gotta make sure he does not leave that hotel room tomorrow morning.”
    Kenneth: “I’ll do it, just like Sydney Bristow on Alias I’ll use my sexuality as a weapon. To the wig shop!”


    Jack: “Banks is in New York for a reason, and I intend to send him back to LA.”
    Liz: “Wow, if this turns into a showdown you can settle it with a ‘talking like this contest.'”

  • Now that you appreciate the magic and mystery that is GOB Bluth/Will Arnett, do yourself a favour and check out the Will Arnett Research Project at

  • Josh

    It’s tough, both 30 Rock and The Office were hilarious this week. It’s too hard to pick just one of them.