Catch Up with THE SOPRANOS Before Tonight’s Premiere

Do you find yourself wishing you jumped on THE SOPRANOS bandwagon while you had the chance? Do you live in constant fear that friends, family and co-workers will one day discover that you’ve never actually seen an entire episode of THE SOPRANOS? That you have absolutely no idea who “Joey Pants” is and that you think Drea de Matteo is simply that girl from JOEY? Never fear, two 23-year-old New Yorkers may have just saved your butt.

Meet Paul Gulyas and Joe Sabia. Two recent college graduates living in Los Angeles who took over one hundred hours to create the “Seven Minute Sopranos” — A love letter to HBO’s seminal family drama. Simply press play on the YouTube clip above and catch up on over 77 episodes of THE SOPRANOS in a mere seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Trust us, nobody will ever know you weren’t driving the bandwagon from day one.

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