We Preview Tonight’s ENTOURAGE

What may have been lost in all THE SOPRANOS ‘Final Episodes’ hype is the fact that tonight marks the return of one of theTVaddict’s favourite dramas — Johnny Drama.

Yes my friends, Matt Dillon’s less famous — yet equally hilarious brother — Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama) returns tonight with all new episodes of ENTOURAGE.

Those hoping Vinnie and Ari would have simply ‘hugged it out’ following last fall’s season finale are in for a bit of a shock [for a refresher of Ari being fired last season, see clip above]. Tonight’s premiere revolves around Vinnie’s birthday bash and the introduction of his new agent Amanda (deliciously played by Carla Cugino). I guess what they say about Hollywood is true. Never forget the number one rule — it’s not show-friends, it’s show-business.

ENTOURAGE returns tonight at 10PM on HBO and TMN in Canada.

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  • Kylen

    I am so excited! All the East-coasters get to watch it right now. I, however, must wait another three hours.

  • Tdubs

    does anyone know what song was playing at the end of the tonight’s episode

  • Mel

    Loved it!! A hug-it-out? No way!!! And miss the hilarious scenes w/ Vince and his new agent and Ari like the old girlfriend who still knows Vince better than anybody? And Drama and his billboard/ Pure joy– pure unadulterated joy.