BROTHERS & SISTERS: Drinks Anyone?

rob loweI’m beginning to get a little concerned for my new favourite television family. Watching last night’s episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS it has become apparent that the Walker family may have some serious issues with alcohol.

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that every-time a Walker member has a bad night (Nora), relationship troubles (Sara, Kitty, Kevin), sibling issues (Justin) or simply a night out partying (Rebecca) — their answer is to hit the bottle. Was there a single segment in last night’s episode that didn’t contain alcohol?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with my fictional family enjoying an adult beverage or two. I simply can’t believe how dependent each brother and sister has become on alcohol. Does the Walker clan realize that when they buy that winery, they actually have to sell the wine to make money, not drink it!

That said, last night’s BROTHERS & SISTERS had the perfect mix of light-hearted and emotional moments. Nora misreading yet another situation with a man, Sarah spending another episode hammered (I think she has a problem), Justin realizing he may not be the only Walker sibling with serious addiction problems and finally, best of all, Senator McCallister actually having [gasp!] something to hide.

Even I — a die hard WEST WING fan — was getting tired of Rob Lowe’s perfect politician. Nobody, even in the land of television, is that perfect. Thank you BROTHERS & SISTERS scribes for finally giving the senator something to hide, albeit something that I saw coming a mile away.

And while I’m on the subject of thank-you’s. How thankful was everyone that we were spared another incredibly boring and tedious Tommy story-line? At this point, Balthazar Getty is the weak link (also known as the ‘Michel’) of BROTHERS & SISTERS. And if his character doesn’t start to do something interesting, and fast — it’s me who’s going to be reaching for the bottle come Sunday night at 10PM.

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  • Get out of my head! I’ve been thinking this same thing for weeks… even the party they had where nobody was supposed to drink out of deference to Justin and they all wound up drinking in the closet (how subtle was THAT?)… what, you people can’t go ONE NIGHT without alcohol?

  • Common Sense

    Random thoughts…. Sally Field is just amazing. Lois Lane talks funny in her old age, but is a hoot. Looks like Amy Abbott will soon hook up with the guy-whose-name-I-don’t-know (his wife is not attractive, sorry), and Kitty & Bobby McCallister may say they’re in love, but…puh-leeze. Fish lips and anorexia do not make for a good look. The two gay guys argue so much, they deserve each other. Balthazar & wife (whose names I also don’t know, or care to know) can join Richie Cunningham’s older brother.

  • Did anyone notice last week that after the dinner with Rebecca when Sara and Nora were cleaning up in the kitchen there were at nearly 6 empty wine bottles? Sara actually poured the excess wine from two bottles into a glass and drank from it.

    Now if Justin and Tommy’s wife don’t drink this means that Sara, Tommy, Rebecca and Nora would have had thier own bottle of wine or somebody may have had a couple bottles! It is also LA so I assume they drive home or do they grab cabs?

    I do love this show though!