Tonight’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Too Hot For TV!

Hoping to replicate the success of Robin Sparkles [months later, the video’s still hilarious!], the brilliant minds behind HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER have planned another viral video treat — this time revolving around Marshall’s bachelor party.

Following tonight’s episode, head on over to the official HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER MySpace page to view scenes from Marshall’s bachelor party that were deemed too ‘racy’ by the network censors.

Why more video fun? Well in an interview with the New York Times, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas explained that, “We’re more like an NBC Thursday night comedy… but we happen to be on CBS. So how do we let young people know about our show if they’re not watching the other shows on the network?”

For a preview of tonight’s episode, click here and be sure to tune into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER tonight at 8PM on CBS. For some inexplicable reason, the show is ‘on the bubble’ because let’s face it — the majority of American’s prefer the generic (read: unfunny) humour of Charlie Sheen on TWO AND A HALF MEN. Sadly it seems, fart jokes never get old.

UPDATE: You can check out The Bachelor Party that was TOO HOT FOR TV!!! by clicking here.

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  • Common Sense

    I’ve said it before, if you want some laugh-out-loud moments, check out King of Queens tonight (and every Mon. for the next six weeks). Jerry Stiller is comic gold, and the show is simply funny. Even after 9 seasons, it’s leaving too soon. No other comedy on CBS holds a candle to this overlooked gem.

  • CS… While KING OF QUEENS isn’t much watch for me… I always enjoy it when I turn it on. Knowing that the next six weeks may be the show’s last, I’ll most likely be tuning in.

  • Josh

    How I Met Your Mother is so great. I would kill to see it in the same lineup as The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock, even if it has a laugh track.

    I will boycott CBS if they cancel this show.

  • So, um… what happened to Quote of the Week?

  • Jason in the OC

    I’m shocked to read that HIMYM is on the bubble, it’s got to be one of the youngest skewing demo shows on CBS. What is CBS thinking???

    Although, I’m embarrassed to admit being one of those that thinks Two and a Half Men is hilarious. Jon Cryer is genius!

  • How I Met Your Mother is fantastic. It’s a shame it doesn’t get the public recognition of The Office (or even 30 Rock). Damn CBS.