On the Set with SUPERNATURAL Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

jared padalecki jensen ackles

When you’re walking onto the set of the CW’s spookfest SUPERNATURAL, you can’t help but have the Boy Scout motto – Be prepared! – ringing in your ears. Yet, as I slipped into my role as a seasoned television reporter and stepped onto the soundstage to watch the filming of an actual scene between stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, I’d have to admit that my “play it cool” veneer probably did a pretty poor job of hiding the excitement radiating from just about every pore of my being.

There they sat at an ordinary kitchen table, Sam and Dean (Padalecki and Ackles, respectively) discussing recent events. While I’m not at liberty to reveal the topic of their conversation, suffice it to say that tempers were flaring. As voices raised, so to did emotions. Dean was, of course, in protective mode, while Sam did what he does best: bristled.

And then things took a most unexpected turn.

Sam and Dean gazed lovingly – dare I say longingly? – into one anothers eyes. Standing, Dean moved closer to Sam, raising his arm and reaching out as if to touch him softly, when suddenly…

“Cut!” yelled the director. “Okay, boys, now let’s do it seriously this time,” he said, no doubt relegating any footage which might bring to life some of the more lurid fan fiction lurking on the internet to the cutting room floor. (Or, perhaps, if we’re lucky, a future DVD blooper reel!) The talented thespians had, in fact, been ad-libbing a scene while the behind-the-scenes crew worked out the all-important details involving camera angles, lighting and sound. And given the emotionally-charged nature of the two-part season finale, bringing a little laughter to the set is definitely a good thing.

jensen ackles

“I had some pretty heavy stuff last night,” admits Ackles between takes. Probably the most emotional stuff that’s been jam-packed into one scene. I was pretty done by the end of the day.” And what of his on-screen brother? “Jared had it easy, just lying there with his eyes closed. Jerk!”

Obviously, the lighthearted banter and genuine affection that bonds the Winchester brothers also exists between their portrayers. As the actors exchange compliments, it quickly becomes clear that the young men – both of whom grew up in Texas – have formed a mutual admiration society forged on the set but cemented in genuine affection.

Given how frequently one hears about backstage discord (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, anyone?) and co-stars who aren’t likely to pal around after hours (see: GREY’S ANATOMY), the fact that Ackles and Padalecki actually enjoy working together is a major plus… especially since they spend about 10 months of the year putting in 16 hour days on a surprisingly small soundstage.

“We definitely know how fortunate it is — the chance to work with someone who you get along with,” admits SMALLVILLE grad Ackles. “We’ve both been on shows and on projects where not everyone gets along, where somebody’s got a temper or an ego, but we’ve been very lucky and appreciative of the fact that we get along very well on and off set.”

jared padalecki

Former GILMORE GIRLS guy Padalecki concurs. “We both – I mean, I say this all the time – we have similar interests and similar hobbies and similar manners. I’ve definitely worked with my share of people who – and I know Jensen has as well – but it’s all about drama. Like, if there’s not some sort of conflict going on in their lives or on set, then they’re just not happy.”

Okay, I’ll admit that I was dying to know which of their former co-stars were being dissed, but being the professional that I am – and with all of you SUPERNATURAL fans in mind, I focused on what was of utmost important: Spoilers! (If you don’t want to know what’s going to happen in the weeks to come, skip the following paragraph. Consider yourself warned!)

“This is the big show,” revealed Ackles of the much-anticipated season finale. “This is what we’ve been building toward for two seasons. All the problems that set the entire show in motion are culminating in this one episode.” Ackles says that grateful fans have one person to thank for not only the episode, but the overall direction of the show: creator Eric Kripke. “He doesn’t like to keep those long, drawn-out storylines with loose ends. He likes to tie things up and create new problems, which I really like. There are a lot of shows out there that kind of continually roll on, never solving problems.” But that’s not the case with SUPERNATURAL, as will be proven in the finale. “In this episode, we’re going to deal with the demon that took the Winchester brothers’ mom; We’re going to deal with their dad’s death; we’re going to deal with making deals with the devil.” But wait, there’s more! “We’re going to deal with Bobby, Ellen, Jo and the people in the roadhouse. We’re going to deal with the occult and devil’s traps and all of the stuff that’s been playing out over the season. It’s all coming together in this episode.” As if realizing that the episode is beginning to sound more “final” than “season finale,” Ackles quickly sets us straight. “That’s not to say everything is wrapped up, because in wrapping up that storyline, so much else is created which is really cool. It’s definitely going to give us somewhere to go for season three and however long we go!”

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  • Rory

    i was so happy when i found out that there was another season i would of cryed if that was it i had tears in my eyes whan i thourght it was over but when i realised it wasnt i jumped up and down for an hour well half an hour. LOL.

  • Rory

    this show is da best and not a COPY i wuv this show with all my heart

  • Rory

    those guy should not kiss that would be gross.
    i mean i watched GILMORE GIRLS and remember thinkin Rory (Alexis beldel) is so lucky coz she got 2 KISS JARED.
    i badly wanna meet the boys althouht i would problely have a heart attack if i got a call saying hey im Jared Padalecki
    do you wanna be a part of da show.
    im so obsessed i did a project for school on JP and at home in the skool hollies me and ma frend did a project on spn coz we felt like it were the biggest fans in the world that the world is having a hard time keeping up with all the spn talk we do.
    no 1 person can be as obsessed as us barly 2 can i swear were gonna explode 1 day from being so obsessed.
    but i started are obsessin and finally got her 2 admit how good the show is its way better than veronica mars buffy and angel put 2gether no jokes.
    i think that the show has 3 more season in it well if sam can help dean but i hope theres more i would die without spn and spn isnt spn without Sams neardy ness and Deans slezy jokes and smart coments.

  • Rory

    im going crazy without SPN i mean 1 week but i know that SPN isnt on make me sad already crying (well not yet) LMAO
    hey every1 that has been on this site i wanna say if u were talking good bout SPN U ROCK MY ODD COLOUR SOX and thats realy had 2 do

  • brigitte

    i loved that episode it waz the best one yet i cant wait to see more

  • Rory

    me either it was great and cant wait 4 season 3 and hopefully 4 and 5 (i wish)

  • I so wish the guys would visit oz and go to each capital city 4 like a signing session or something that would totally ROCK id get like all my stuff on Spn (wich is a fair bit) and get it all sighned that would be totally awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its so cool tht i got season 2 on dvd i would of died if i hadn’t been able to watch supernatural since all the time that it hasn’t been on t.v. and had 2 wait the long months without my 2 fav guys.

  • Rory

    i think Izzy right they should come to oz and do signing setions
    in every state and when they get 2 sa they have to go to port pirie coz thats where i am and id die if i missed out on meeting the guys

  • Jason

    I love Supernatural and would love to see Jensen and Jared kiss. This is the best show ever. The people that don’t like it get lost. I’m a huge fan and nothing else comes before Supernatural on Tv. This show is wonderful and you can’t help but love the chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They are magical together. Go Jensen and Jared and go Supernatural. I hope you return for season 5.

  • Carolyne

    the reason why I like to watch supernatural, is dean… ow.. I mean jensen ackles, he is handsome.. I love him…

  • the reason why I like to watch supernatural is just dean (jensen ackles) he is handsome.

  • bec robson

    Jenson Ackles is my very most fovourite actor in the whole world. he is the hottest man alive and i love his smile and the way he is really cocky on supernatural. he’s also the best actor. i love him sooo much and it is my life goal to meet nim. xoxo

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  • sania

    I like supernatural and I love two actors .

  • Nicki Carmichael

    Jensen is GORGEOUS. He plays the whole “hard on the outside
    squishy on the inside” character so well. LOVE it!!!