TV & Music: The Perfect Mix

pj olssonIf you’re anything like me (and odds are, if you’re reading a website called we have at least ONE thing in common), your iPod is partially filled with songs you’ve heard on television. Television is the new radio and nobody knows this better than the networks themselves.

For years, popular television shows such as 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK, SCRUBS, THE OC, GREY’S ANATOMY and VERONICA MARS have been dictating what’s new and popular in the world of music. As a result, CBS has recently re-launched CBS records. Which will leverage the power of their prime time line-up to build awareness for their new artists.

By now of course you’re probably asking yourself, “umm why exactly should I care?” How’s this for an answer? It means FREE Music for you!

You can sample out (and download) songs from PJ Olsson’s brand new EP THE IRONWOOD SESSIONS by clicking on the links below. PJ’s single “She Says To Fly” was featured on last Friday’s episode of GHOST WHISPERER and this TV Addict’s personal favourite song “Rain Song” can be heard on tonight’s episode of THE UNIT.

To check out both songs, just click on the links above. You can also buy the entire EP on iTunes by clicking here.

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