Download Un-aired Episodes of THE BLACK DONNELLYS

In an effort to placate disgruntled fans, NBC has made the un-aired episodes of its recently cancelled mob drama THE BLACK DONNELLYS available for download on iTunes. All eight episodes from season one are now available by clicking here.

While on the subject of THE BLACK DONELLYS, how poorly named is its reality show replacement THANK GOD YOU’RE HERE? I have yet to meet anyone who’s ‘thanking God’ that an unfunny reality show has replaced yet another quality scripted drama.

In more iTunes TV news, recent additions to the iTunes store include:
WEEDS Season 2

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  • AJ

    I actually didn’t hate TGYH…..2 hours of it was overkill, and they should just get rid of Dave Foley. Why do you need a judge? I thought the first episode was pretty funny though. Black Donnelly’s could not hold my attention…it was terirble.

  • Having been sucked in by the incessant promotions, I too gave TGYH an honest try. But like most movies, found the funny parts revealed in the commercials. The rest was pretty much filler. Poor Jason Alexander… will the SEINFELD curse ever stop following him?

  • eric

    The Black Donnellys was a great show! Granted it was better suited for HBO or SHOWTIME but I thought NBC did a good job with all the regulatiouns they had to follow. Why does stupid shows stay on the air while great shows get canned. I think it was racial, nobody likes Irish people I guess. Its not fair. African Americans have their shows, Itialians have their shows, heck even gay people have their own shows. Just not Irish. When bad stuff happen to other folks its common place to blame their skin, I guess prejudice will leave no rock un-turned!!

  • Derek Schaerer

    Best Show since the Sopranos!!

  • Nath

    well I don’t think it was racisist., but I would love to see more of black donnellys., it was a great show