Live Blogging LOST (Episode 15, Season 3)

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control (read: inescapable family commitments) there will be no LIVE LOST BLOGGING this evening. Yes, that noise you’re hearing in the distance is the collective ‘sigh’ of the tens of thous…. okay just tens of people who’s LOST experience just got a little less exciting tonight.

Needless to say, I was really looking forward to dissecting tonight’s fantastic Juliette flashback and look forward to joining my fellow LOSTaholics next week.

As you’re enjoying tonight’s episode of LOST, pause for a moment and think of your dear friend, theTVaddict, who’ll be trapped at an event so boring it makes being stuck in the hatch pressing numbers every 108 seconds exciting.

Enjoy the show.

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  • bwallll

    its episode 16 right now, kates was episode 15

  • You mean my episode count’s been off all season long?

    To quote Homer Simpson, “D’OH”

  • Julie

    that was a great episode!!!

  • tdot

    WOW, one of the best of the season!

  • I agree. That was definitely a good episode, maybe the best of the season. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.