We Preview Tonight’s Season Finale of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

If you’re a fan of Dillon Panther football, we’ve got some good news and bad news this Wednesday morning. The Good: According to Scooper-Hero Michael Ausiello, NBC has ordered six additional FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS scripts. Sure it’s not a second season pick-up, but it’s pretty much the next best thing.

The Bad: Tonight is the season finale of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. While one could assume that NBC ruined the big ‘surprise’ with their far too revealing promos. theTVaddict has learned from a source deep inside the heart of Texas that fans should expect a far bigger surprise before the night is out.

Desperate for a preview? Check out a great (spoiler-free) scene in theTVaddict.com Screening Room and remember to tune in to tonight’s finale at 8PM on NBC.

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  • Geri

    LOL…usually I never watch official previews and now I know why…thank you NBC for that! Anyway, if it´s true there is an even better surprise, I cannot wait for the finale!

  • omg!!! matt is ssoooo cute so is riggins. i lov friday night lights it is the best show ever!!!! i am soo mad that the season is over 🙁 i cant believe coach took the job!! hav a good day byes