LOST: Never Trust an Other

juliet lostOkay be honest, how many of you trusted Juliet until that fantastic final reveal? I certainly did — but can you really blame me? The facts were all there. Via flashback we learned exactly what Juliet was doing on the island, discovered the island’s mysterious issues with pregnancy and most importantly, why Juliet is so desperate to get home.

Of course what we (or I!) should have realized is that as much as Juliet may detest Benry Gale, she knows full well that he’s the only person who has the power (that is, until Penny Whidmore gets her act together) to get her off the island. Thus, she’s going to pretty much do whatever he wants.

Which is to say, Juliet has now successfully allied herself with Jack and our intrepid castaways (damn you Jack and your saviour complex — get a clue. Others=Bad). But why? What’s Benry Gale’s endgame? What’s the deal with the island? What ‘big event’ is going down in a week?

How much do you love when characters on LOST say things like, “We’ll see you in a week”. Whenever I hear things like that, all I’m thinking is, “so in ‘real time’ will find out about Benry Gale’s plan in three months!”

That said, last night’s episode was up there with the best of the series. I absolutely loved how the dead others continuously turn up in flashbacks (see: Goodwin, Mikhael, Ethan). Who knew that being cast as an Other would be almost as good a career move as being cast as a cylon on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?

So many questions. Are we ever going to get a Benry Gale flashback? Who’s ‘the man’ behind it all? Will Jack ever get a clue? What’s going to happen to Sun and her baby? Can next Wednesday come any sooner?

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  • Cory

    Benry flashback is sceduled for eps 22 and 23 this season.

  • Thanks for the update. To behonest, I thought I read somewhere that Benry’s flashback would be the season finale (which would make sense, considering LOST no doubt wants to leave us with a jaw-dropping finale). But I could have sworn that yesterday I read somewhere that the finale would be Jack-centric.

  • Common Sense

    Great ep, but I love them ALL. If ABC is smart (and, well…we know they’re NOT), they’ll produce at least 30 episodes of Lost next season. It’s their most-buzzed-about show, and in my opinion–brace yourself–the BEST show in television history. They’ve helped deplete the audience, as they did with Commander In Chief, with mishandling the schedule. Now they can regain the momentum by giving their viewers what we want: more Lost every single week. What’s so hard about that?

  • CS — That’s quite a statement, “The Best Show in Television History”

    I will say, the one incredible thing about showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff Is that they didn’t cave to outside pressures. They have a vision, an end-game and am impressed that they’re being true to the show and their original vision. In that sense it’s the most original show on TV, and you have to give ABC kudos for letting them be true to Cuse and Lindeloff’s endgame.

    Let’s hope the show ends after five seasons (as Cuse and Lindeloff want it to) and not go the X-Files route and stretch out until they’re just making stuff up.

  • who the hell of their own free will drinks tranulizer and oj not knowing where theyre gonna wake up wtf was she thinking?!?!?! last week i was completely pulling for julliette and jack but now idk what what does her sister think happened to her? and how can they cure cancer?

  • Great googily moogily. This show gets better and better.

  • shanna

    I didn’t even think about the fact that Sun was pregnant! I wonder if one of the secrets will be that she conceived on the island (and therefore the baby isn’t from her affair). That would be great.

  • Cory

    New info:
    3.17 Desmond Hume
    3.18 Jin & Sun Kwon
    3.19 no flashbacks!
    3.20 Benjamin Linus
    3.21 Charlie Pace
    3.22-23 Jack Shephard