Rooommate Issues? Vent Your Frustrations Here!

As I was just discussing with my good friend Amrie (My Take on TV), living with someone is tricky business. Even if it’s say, your best friend, there are times when even the best of roommates can get on your nerves. If you’ve ever lived with someone — friend, spouse, partner — odds are, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The roommate that parties all night, only to stumble in at 3AM and wake you up. The roommate who’s significant other never leaves YOUR house. The roommate that leaves for work so early you never get to sleep in past 7AM. The roommate that never bothers to do their dishes (oh wait, that’s my problem!).

So as a public service to frustrated roommates everywhere, we at thought we’d give you some space to secretly vent your frustrations. Get a little something off your chest, lighten the mood a bit.

What exactly am I talking about? Head on over to your roommates television. Check out what’s saved on his or her PVR/TIVO/DVR/VCR and take notes. Does your roomate have REBA on season’s pass? (oh wait, that’s me!) Loves HANNAH MONTANA? Knows all the words to Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL? Addicted to DR. PHIL? GREG BERNHARDT? OPRAH? Post away with the embarrassing shows they not-so-secretly watch. Trust me, you’ll feel better. I’ll start:

Some of the funnier things on my thirty-year old roommate’s PVR:

JUMP IN! — The Disney Channel Original Movie.
HOUSE OF CARTERS — The A&E reality show.
THE VIEW — Numerous episodes of America’s gabfest.

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  • I’m afraid all the embarassing shows on our DVR are mine. I may be the last person in America still watching the MyNetwork telenovelas. And you wanna talk secret shame? Two words: Dante’s Cove. I thought I’d feel better admitting this, but now I’m realizing I may never be able to show my face in these comment sections again.

  • Does Color Splash count? My partner is recording the show from the winner of HGTV’s reality TV program, Design Star. His host/winner is David Bromstad, and the entire theme revolves around his sense of “color.” I mean, would one design in black & white?

  • You’re my hero!!!

    On our DVR – Hours upon hours of One Tree Hill that we just “can’t delete”. The War at Home….Til Death….Are you Smarter than a 5th grader? ugh….

    Thank heavens I have my TiVo upstairs to store every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and every episode of Friday Night Lights 🙂

  • I’m with tralfaz — it’s really my roommate that should be complaining about my horrid Tivo selections. I’m not ashamed, though. So, I like bad TV? I like good TV, too!

    Here are a few of my most cheesy shows on Season Pass:
    One Tree Hill (both the CW originals and SoapNet reruns)
    Blood Ties
    The Hills
    The Girls Next Door
    The Young and the Restless
    What About Brian

  • JD

    my roommate barely watches TV but she is self proclaimed “TV whore” I think the only thing she watches are Lost and 24. Its really embarrassing when she tells people she is addicted to TV. I think the only reason she does it is because she likes to take on the attributes of the people around her (me). Haha on a lighter note she has A Walk To Remember saved as a protected entry!

  • polly

    How about the obsessed sports fan roommate? The one who won’t let you watch the ONE television show you must see every week because she has to watch a baseball game. A baseball game that will have highlights later in the night (or even be shown again!), and is one of over 160 that are played during a season. I just need one hour a week!

  • Marcy


  • jun

    OMG, A Walk to Remember totally wins the lameness contest. Granted, I haven’t actually seen it, but the book was one of the most awful things I’ve ever endured.

  • I think the only reason she does it is because she likes to take on the attributes of the people around her (me). Haha on a lighter note she has A Walk To Remember saved as a protected entry!