Watch the First Four Minutes of DRIVE

Can’t wait until Sunday’s two-hour premiere? Desperate for a Nathan Fillion fix? Get ready to start your engines! Courtesy of Yahoo TV, you can now watch the first four minutes of FOX’s newest action-fueled drama DRIVE.

But fellow TV Addict’s beware. If your TiVo is perilously close to maximum capacity and you’re susceptible to getting hooked on hour long dramas, this preview is definitely not for you! I repeat, if you can’t make room in your schedule for DRIVE, don’t you dare click here. Having seen the pilot, I can guarantee you one thing. Fasten your seat belts, ’cause you’re in for an addictive ride!

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  • InvaderSteven

    I won’t be bothering with this one. It may be a fabulous show, but it’s airing against a show I already love, and I get annoyed when they do that.

    Besides which, this is a Tim Minear show on the FUX network- we all know it’ll last four episodes before cancellation. Six, tops.

  • InvaderSteven,

    With FOX’s track record (FIREFLY, REUNION to name a few) obviously I’m skeptical about DRIVE’S prospects. But I will say, the pilot, at least the first hour I saw, was fantastic.

  • Jo

    2-hour premiere tonight on CTV! Off to a good start, but let’s hope they don’t screw with it like they did ‘Veronica Mars’ (and a multitude of other shows).

  • Jo, thanks for the tip. As a lifelong Canadian, I should have known this.