jenna maroney jane krakowskiName: Jenna Maroney

Date of Birth: March 15, 1978
(according to her publicist)

Sex: Woman

Weight: 110 lbs (says US WEEKLY)

Last Seen: Over one month ago on the March 8, 2007 episode of “TGS: With Tracy Jordan”

Recent Video: Jenna’s infectious smile and hilarious take on America can be viewers in the following videos: Jenna on Obama, Jenna on Politics, Jenna’s Muffin Top Music video.

Cause to be Concerned: Leading ladies of “The Girlie Show” have a nasty habit of being unceremoniously (or is it mysteriously) replaced. ‘Original’ Jenna, Rachel Dratch has yet to be seen since disappearing from the original pilot in April of 2006.

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  • You say MISSING as if it’s a bad thing. Although I’ve been a fan of Jane since her days on Ally McBeal I think she has been the weakest link on ’30 Rock’ this whole season. I think Tina is realizing that the show is just fine without her.

  • Linda B.

    Yeah, i realized too that she hasn’t been on in a while, but i agree, i don’t miss her. I think the show is just fine centered around the 3 main characters (Tina, Alec, and Tracy). I also like the supporting cast of writers.

  • Harsh words GMMR 🙂

    While I feel that Jenna started off as the show’s weak link, I feel that when used properly she’s pretty funny (see youtube videos in the post). In my opinion, 30 ROCK is at its worst in last night’s episode, where Tracy Jordan and Kenny the Page played far too large a part in the episode.

  • Yea… I don’t exactly miss Jenna. She’s only good when they use her well. Like Muffin Top, Obama, or her seducing the Prince.

  • Tim, thanks for proving my point.

    She’s rarely used, but when she is… muffin top, obama, etc… she’s great.

  • I love Jenna! Her episode with the prince was the season’s best.

  • Jacki

    Well…I wouldn’t say I’ve been MISSING her, Bob.

    I really enjoy the show without her annoying character who really isn’t all that funny.

  • Josh

    I haven’t been keeping track, but have they even aired many episodes since early March? I thought the last new one before 4/5 was the one where she was on Hardball.

    I like her. She’s been in some hilarious scenes. Hardball, Muffin Top, The Rural Juror.

  • Common Sense

    Oh, what…replacing Rachel Dratch with Jane didn’t quite work out for ya, 30 Rock? A show with so much potential makes so many non-comical mistakes.

  • Dess

    I dunno, Jenna can be pretty funny… I have to agree with Jason that that episode was hilarious, and stuff like the Rural Juror was good too. It’d just be weird if after 2 seasons on the show she disappeared with no warning. They’d at least have to address the issue at some point.

  • Adina

    I can’t believe that people think she’s a weak link in the show! She’s my second favourite character after Jack Donaghy! I think she’s underused too. She’s a very complete character and probably expresses a lot more about society and showbusiness than most of the other cast members. I’m not sure what people are ‘missing’ when they watch her or what they don’t like. I think the show feels quite empty without her.

    As for her having gone missing – yes it is a bad thing.

  • I agree – I think Jenna is absolutely hysterical. Any of the scenes she has with Jack or Liz I find completely hilarious. I think she’s one of the better characters, especially when juxtaposed with Tracy and the awful Pete and Frank.