Random TV Tidbits for a Friday

My fellow Canadians… I have a dream. That you all tune into the two-hour premiere of DRIVE tonight at 8PM on CTV. By tuning in, let’s help ensure DRIVE doesn’t get the shabby treatment that CTV is famous for (see: VERONICA MARS, EVERWOOD and NIP/TUCK).

Yesterday, NBC announced the premiere dates for its ‘exciting’ summer schedule. Starting May 29, returning favourites such as AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, LAST COMIC STANDING and THE BIGGEST LOSER join the new Reality Dating Series AGE OF LOVE on the Peakock’s schedule. That click you hear in the background is the sound of theTVaddict switching off NBC until Fall 2008.

You’d think the fourth place network would try a little harder to keep viewers from flocking elsewhere. Here’s an idea. How about a night of cancelled shows? STUDIO 60, KIDNAPPED and THE BLACK DONNELLYS. Give us fans a chance for some closure.

Tired of all the controversy surrounding E! Online’s Save One Show Campaign? Why not check out BuzzSugar’s hilarious Stop One Show Poll. My vote goes to MEDIUM as theTVaddict won’t rest until every single Arquette is unemployed. Yes, you heard me David, you’re next.

Finally, in thisTVaddict’s opinion — the only acceptable winner on tonight’s episode of ACCEPTABLE TV should be Operation Kitten Calendar 2. Nothing says funny like super-model cats.

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  • Monkey

    Drive is on tonight in Canada?? How come I have to wait until Sunday?? **pouting**

  • Monkey,

    If it helps….. we JUST started getting season four of NIP/TUCK up here in the great white north.

  • daydream

    I’m SO watchin drive tonight!! if it’s good I’ll even tune in to FOX on Sunday to show support for it. Although i don’t think they consider fans outside of the US when it come to ratings

  • Monkey

    It helps a little!! 🙂

  • John

    When I saw NBC’s summer line-up I was also dismayed.

    Fortunately, U.S.A., TNT and Sci Fi all have some decent shows on the summer.

  • As a true Canadian with blood as red as the maple leaf, I must watch hockey tonight.

    But I’ll be sure to watch it on Fox Sunday.

  • Forget what I just said, I found a way to swing it. This is why I asked for timeshifting

    Episode 1 at 6:00pm on CTV Toronto

    Vancouver vs. Dallas at 7:00pm on CBC Regina

    Episode 2 at 10:00pm or after the game on CTV Vancouver

    Please do not shun me

  • You seriously wanna vote for the cat supermodels? Come on… that one kinda blows. The title isn’t even good. Now Mr. Sprinkles latest installment rocked, as did Murder He Rapped. And I kinda liked THE OC… I mean, um, Shady Acres…

  • tdot

    DRIVE was amazing, it was really good, I want more!