THE OFFICE: theTVaddict Shuns Michael

While I could spend this entire post writing about how ridiculous (yet again!) Michael Scott’s ‘attempted suicide’ was. I’m going to take this opportunity to pull a Dwight, and shun Michael completely.

Shun On:
As the series continues, it’s clear that the strength of THE OFFICE is its supporting cast. Watching the gang spend the day betting on insignificant events was not only hilarious, it subtly moved some of our favourite plots forward as we head into the final episodes of the season.

How much fun was it watching clueless Kevin tip off Karen as to the reality of the Jim and Pam situation? I loved how Kevin complained when Jim correctly guessed how many jellybeans were in the jar at Pam’s reception desk, “That is not fair. He [Jim] has spent hours up here at reception with you. Hours and hours.” Did you see the look on Karen’s face? With only four episodes remaining, the days of Jim and Karen seem to be coming to an end.

Shun Temporarily Off:
Here’s a question for OFFICE addicts everywhere. How is it that Andy Bernard, umm sorry, Drew is sent away to Anger Management Training for five weeks after losing his cool and punching in a wall, where as Michael Scott is still allowed to run an entire office after faking a suicide?

Shun On:
Other bits that I loved in last night’s episode:

1) Ryan failing to come to the defense of Kelly after C-Monster (or is it Sea Monster?) told her to shut up. Keeping with the episode’s theme, any bets as to how many more episodes their relationship lasts?

2) Kelly explaining to Ryan how Netflix works, and Ryan gleefully winning more and more money as she rambles on.

3) Creed peeing outside the office. Does anyone else feel that the enigma that is Creed will never be solved? Much like FRASIER’s Maris, fans speculating about Creed’s life outside the office is far more entertaining than anything the writers could ever concoct.

4) Stanley’s reaction to the watermelon landing on his car. I wonder how many takes it took to get that watermelon to perfectly bounce off the tramBOPoline (sorry, that’s me channeling Homer Simpson) and onto Stanley’s car.

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  • Linda B.

    I was so bored with this episode. Definitely the worst of the season. Only thing i found funny was Dwight shunning Andy.

  • drax

    I actually liked this one a lot. It sagged a little in the middle, true, but then we’re talking about a 20 minute show so this equates to 2 or 3 minutes of downtime.
    What I found really effective was how Michael’s faked suicide attempt subtly became quite real. I loved Darryl’s attempts to talk him down; “You have to wake up and be you every day. I couldn’t do that, I’m not as brave as you.” The Darryl Michael relationship is comedy gold.