The Shocking SAVE ONE SHOW Results

Running a website like the means I spend far too much time online in an attempt to keep up with what’s going on in the world of television. Subsequently, one thing I’ve learned this year is that SUPERNATURAL fans are insanely dedicated, much to my continued amazement — ONE TREE HILL has a vibrant internet fanbase and GILMORE GIRLS is on its last legs (or so I thought).

Yesterday, E! Online’s Kristin announced the winners of her annual SAVE ONE SHOW campaign. Fans across the globe (or perhaps just myself) were shocked to learn that GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS took the top prize (apparently this year we’re trying to save TWO show). While VERONICA MARS comes as no surprise, apparently I was under the mistaken impression that GILMORE GIRLS’ fans were in general, tired of the show’s direction and ready for it to end with a Luke and Lorelai happy ending. Do GILMORE fans not get that the shows return really doesn’t hinge on fan support and if we’re to believe the rampant speculation, an eighth season lies soley in the hands of stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.

Conversely, shows like SUPERNATURAL and ONE TREE HILL, while not as popular in terms of total viewers, are comprised of a younger, more internet savvy audience. Thus my surprise as to their poor showings in Kristin’s poll.

While I have no doubt Kristin’s poll is completely and 100% legitimate. Take a look at the comparison between Kristin’s poll and’s. Obviously,’s sample is far smaller, but I feel it gives a more accurate representation of what shows truly should be saved.

Kristin’s Poll theTVaddict’s Poll
Gilmore Girls Supernatural
Veronica Mars Veronica Mars
One Tree Hill Friday Night Lights
Supernatural Gilmore Girls
Studio 60 One Tree Hill
Crossing Jordan Scrubs
Friday Night Lights How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother Studio 60
What About Brian Jericho
Jericho 30 Rock

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  • thawtful

    I’m rather surprised at the TV Addict for writing the following:
    “I have no doubt Kristin’s poll is completely and 100% legitimate.”

    Veronica Mars fans used a macro to vote 9,999 times for each vote. There was a page set up on the website that detailed how to cheat. The page is gone now but someone over at Fandom Wank was smart enough to grab screen captures ahead of time so you can see for yourself what happened:

    The details are copied over here:

    Please tell us how you think one click of a button equating 9,999 is legitimate.

  • Dear thawtful,

    Thank you so much for the post. I had absolutely no idea that fans went to such interesting and original lengths to ensure their show would win.

    I wonder if Kristin awarding two winners is as a result of the fact that E! Online knows that MARS fans were apparently cheating?

  • How’s that cheating? Hm?

    *does a happy dance*

  • Monkey

    It was not only the VM fans that cheated. EVERYBODY there voted multiple times. They even started a thread about it. Thats how GG won.

  • Brynhildur

    If I had known about the cheat thing… I probably would have used it, instead I could only vote for VM about 10 times

    but yay Veronica!

  • Alisa

    Well, just so you know, a lot of the Supernatural fans (fine, upstanding citizens that we are) waited for a week, e-mailing Kristen over and over again to ask if multiple voting was legal. It wasn’t until she posted a question with someone asking about planning her “all night voting session” and Kristen didn’t correct her, that most of us started voting multiple times (by hand, mind you. There was a finger cramp epidemic) and we didn’t find out about some other fandoms’ voting “bots” until the day before the poll ended. C’est le vie. (I just wish the woman would have declared Veronica Mars the winner beforehand, since it’s her precious, so we all could’ve been doing other things).

  • hermitme

    TVAddict, I must disagree and say that your poll is actually more accurate than that of Kristen, simply because we do know it was tampered with. Frankly I don’t doubt that Kristin would have moved heaven and earth to make sure her baby VM would be in the winner circle. However, as you said, GG’s renewal depends on the stars, not the show and VM, unless a miracle can pull that show out of the slump it’s in, it’s a goner. Pussycat Dolls has done in one night what VM couldn’t do in 3 years, show that yes, people do stick around after GG if they are interested in the show.

  • Shannon

    TV Addict, I must say your poll is more fair and accurate of the voting count. How can two different websites that have the same poll but totally different results.

    Personally I think Kristin did everything in her power to make sure Gilmore Girls was on top and Veronica Mars in second. Honestly the two shows that are likely to be canned are the winners? She declared not one but two winners.. Something she has never done before. How is this fair?

    Last years winner OTH was in 3rd place- It’s likely to have a renewal based on the syndication deal (maybe)

    Then Supernatural which placed 4th? – Where all signs are pointing to a 3rd season.

    This makes no sense.

  • Meredith Milewicz

    There’s no doubt that your poll is more accurate, TVAddict.

    Now, the SOS poll had no rules and no regulation, so it’s impossible to suggest that it was “illegitimate.” However, the way it broke down…

    The first week was pretty predictable. Veronica Mars and One Tree Hills fans were voting multiple times. Supernatural fans were strictly discouraging other Supernatural fans from voting multiple times while the fandom made an effort to e-mail Kristin for rules or guidelines to the campaign (which were never forthcoming).

    The second week, the Supernatural fans started voting multiple times (manually), the One Tree Hill fans continued voting multiple times (manually) and the Veronica Mars fans started botting.

    This leaves the final twenty four hours up in the air. How did the Gilmore Girls fans overtake the Veronica Mars fans, many of whom had been voting 9,999 times in a row — hands free — for almost a week? The situation becomes even more suspicious when we compare the results we saw at midnight (which we now know were accurate) to the results of around noon the next day. The results at midnight broke down like this:

    * (0%) 30 Rock
    * (0%) The Class
    * (0%) Close to Home
    * (1%) Crossing Jordan
    * (0%) Friday Night Lights
    * (37%) Gilmore Girls
    * (0%) How I Met Your Mother
    * (0%) Jericho
    * (0%) Medium
    * (0%) The Nine
    * (17%) One Tree Hill
    * (0%) Scrubs
    * (0%) Six Degrees
    * (2%) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    * (7%) Supernatural
    * (34%) Veronica Mars
    * (2%) What About Brian

    I only have the cut and paste from the Supernatural forums for this one. Now, two different people took screenshots of the results as the morning went on: Gilmore Girls is at 39% here. Gilmore Girls has reached 40%, about twelve hours after voting closed.

    I’m not saying a Gilmore Girls fan hacked the poll. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explantion for the poll having remained open to only Gilmore Girls fans.

    Now, this is where things get funny. The people at E! Online can’t figure out how to hide this shifting results page, so they open the poll back up instead. Everybody’s pretty confused at this point, and while the original SOS entry with its link to the poll is hidden from the main page, the entry remains at its url for several days more, and the poll remains open from its url. Lots of people continue to vote. Why? Because since all kinds of “cheating” is legal in this poll, they don’t know if it’ll win it for them!

    The original entry with its several thousand comments pointing out the flaws in the system, the ways in which the poll had been manipulated, and questions on the continually-changing results has now been deleted but the poll results from after the poll RE-closed are still available:

    This stuff? Is comedy gold. However, I believe your poll reflects what the actual results might have looked like if SOS allowed one vote per user, instead of rewarding the craftiest and most ambitious individual fans.

  • Mana

    Everyone cheated on the E! poll.

    One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls all (I’m generalizing, of course it probably wasn’t every single fan) turned off their cookies and started multiple voting from day one while Supernatural and Studio 60 waited to learn the exact rules. Kristin never answered. When she finally commented, the first week of voting was already over leaving Supernatural and Studio 60 fans far behind. Supernatural and Studio 60 finally got serious about the multiple voting. By then it was clear that it wasn’t about the number of voters but about dedication and hard work, and thus multiple voting manually became “fair game”. So everyone cheated but not everyone went far enough to have a program voting for them (even when they had the choice). By far the most of the Supernatural, FNL and Studio 60 fans decided against it. Both Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, on the other hand, greatly encouraged it (and we know that at least VM used it all week). Who used it doesn’t really matter, though, because you can’t call it cheating when there are no rules. What matters is that quite a few people are actually naïve enough to think that GG and VM won because they have more fans and are more dedicated. The only thing those results show is who cheated the best. Worst part of the whole thing is that not only did Kristin know this, she encouraged it. Still, she praises the fans as dedicated and amazing and she pretends that the many votes were all legitimate.

    Then there’s the thing about two winners. I wish the best for the VM fans, and had they won the poll I’d happily congratulate them (even if they did use the program). Fact is, though, that they didn’t win. The obvious play of favorites is silly and unfair to not only the other shows but also to GG who is the actual winner.

    That said, I’ll stick by my “you can’t cheat if there are no rules” thing and congratulate the Gilmore Girls fans (nobody likes sore losers, right?).

    I agree that this list is far more showing of what should be saved than the E! poll. That thing tunred out to be the biggest joke of the year.

  • Meredith Milewicz

    The great news is, since yesterday, there’s a poll open where Supernatural fans can really show their love for their show in a moderated environment. USATODAY is preparing for its own “Save Our Shows” article, and Supernatural fans are some of the fans they want to hear from:

    As and more important than showing well in the vote, they want viewer comments on the shows you can vote for, which could translate to those comments’ national publication. That could translate to getting somebody who’s never heard of SPN interested in taking a look.

    I wouldn’t reccomend anybody trying to cheat on this poll. USATODAY’s people are a little more internet saavy than the E! Online staff, and they paid for a proper polling service to run it.

  • Mel

    Two years ago when VM won E!Online’s SOS poll, it was a big deal and I was ecstatic that VM was renewed as I had voted for it. Hard to say now if the SOS poll significantly contributed to the network’s decision, but certainly the claim from Kristin is that her poll does ‘save’ the winner.
    This year, the format for the actual voting changed in what I believe was simply a bid to increase traffic to the E!Online website. Between the format change and the outrageous voting behavior, I don’t see how the poll can retain any shred of credibility. Certatinly the network execs are savvy enough to know how this online stuff works (and/ or employ someone who is) and they are certainly aware that none of these polls are scientific. But, what the various on-line polls do show is interest in a show that may not be reflected in their Neilsen numbers. In that respect, although the sample size in your poll, TV Addict, is much smaller than Kristin’s, it is a far more representative and thus more meaningful measure of interest — which translates to viewers. I am glad that Supernatural won your poll so handily and that VM was second. Those are the two shows I would save and the order in which I would save them if I could.

  • Cate

    The SOS thing is ridiculous. But what fandom really doesn’t want their show to win it? Gilmore fans want this show back, and even though it’s fate rests with Alexis and we understand that, we’re just doing anything we can to show our support. It probably won’t even register with Alexis to consider the fans, but at least we’re doing something.

    The cheating thing with the Macros is crazy. I can’t believe that. I’ll admit to voting more than once… a lot more than once, but nothing on such a high scale.

    I always assumed this SOS poll would be between VM and GG. All the fans have just gone into “Must save our show” mode. And we’re huge fanbases that frequent E! and TVGuide like crazy. This site, obviously, is more frequented by the Supernatural fanbase. It’s just how these things happen, I guess.

    The one thing I like about the TheTVaddict’s poll is that you can only vote once. That’s great. And that’s how Kristin’s should have been.

    It’s not crazy that VM and GG won, though, they probably would have won without any of this macro stuf. We have huge fan bases online: on independent sites, on the CW boards, on TWOP, on FF, etc. The GG and VM fandoms are just as internet savy as any other fandom is. It’s why those two shows are always on the E! and TVguide sites.

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  • Marie

    After I realized people could vote as many times as they wanted, I lost faith in Kristin’s poll and I don’t think the results mean anything except that a number of people had lots of time on their hands to vote over and over. Your poll is the one to trust.

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  • immie_8

    I too believe that your poll more acurately reflects what SOS would have looked like if fans got only one vote each, as poll should be run. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kristen’s SOS poll has just been one big, LONG joke and has ended with the most pathetic punchline ever with GG, a show whose future lies entirely in the hands of the actors, winning and SOS becoming STS – Save Two Shows, like you said!

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t have been as annoyed at the results if Kristen hadn’t shown her complete favoritism from the very beginning when she was clearly trying to get the VM fandom worked up over the fact that their show is very close to cancellation. It was the whole “OMG let’s all freakout because VM’s cancelled” post that she then followed up with an “ok it’s not cancelled yet, hey remember my SOS contest, hint hint” post. Now the fact that she goes against her own contest to promote the first TWO shows just tells me that no matter what happened, she would most likely have tried to get it so that VM got the award. I can just as easily see her saying that she’ll award the top 3 or even top 5 if VM had been any lower down in the poll. Like someone else said, I’d congratulate VM had they actually won but they didn’t and I think it’s a joke that they still got the “reward”.

  • I honestly don’t get the point of having two winners. One Tree Hill had more votes so they obviously probably ‘cheated’ too. So why not bump them out and go with the 3rd and 4th place winners? I don’t think that they cheated. Macros are not a NEW thing. Spammers use them all the time. I think they played smart, and look they got their goal accomplished. Kristin did say you could vote as many times as you wanted.

    Even though Supernatural should have won. I lost all faith in Veronica Mars.

  • Donnie

    No fandom can claim the moral high ground here, (unfortunately) each has members who cheated in the SOS poll.
    Do you really think the fact that Supernatural gained less votes proves that it’s fans are more honest? Don’t flatter yourself.
    It’s entirely probable that approximately the same amount of people cheated for each show, but some were more resourceful than others.

    I don’t think this poll is any more representative than SOS, TV Addict is a camp for Supernatural fans, just look at the banner above. I should call it “favoritism”, it’s a very popular word nowadays. 😛
    Talking about pointless accusations: perhaps some Supernatural fans with dynamic IP felt the need to cast multiple votes. Who knows?
    But back to the point: there’s no way Supernatural would grab 50% of the votes on neutral ground. Nor any other show by the way, the results would be far more balanced.

  • Meredith Milewicz

    “I don’t think this poll is any more representative than SOS, TV Addict is a camp for Supernatural fans, just look at the banner above. I should call it “favoritism”, it’s a very popular word nowadays.” — Donnie

    Valid. Although the TVAddcit poll was linked on other show’s forums, more SPN fans naturally came by here. We’ll see how Supernatural does against Gilmore Girls in the USATODAY poll, which is considerably more neutral ground.

    In a poll that rewarded only ingenuity, Gilmore Girls pulled off a stunning last minute victory, and I congratulate them for it. There was no cheating in the SOS poll. Cheating implies rules being broken. The SOS poll had no rules, so no fan cheated.

    In light of this, Kristin has changed her stance to reward the top five shows instead of the top two. In a message board sticky, she posts:

    “After seeing the fan fervor in the comments section and in my email inbox today, I would like you all to know that we hear every word you are saying and we take it to heart. I know everyone has strong emotions when it comes to their favorite shows, and I will be sure to let the networks know that One Tree Hill, Supernatural and other SOS shows also exhibited an enormous amount of fan support and deserve to come back for another season.

    As for exactly how all these shows got so many votes, we unfortunately do not have a way of tracking that, so we had no recourse but to declare rankings based on the numbers alone. However, we will most certainly keep all your concerns in mind if we decide to do this campaign again next year.

    I’m truly sorry to all of you who are upset by the outcome of SOS. I hope you know that the intent of this entire campaign was all in good faith that we could help *you be heard, and help *you save the shows you wanted to save, and we tried extremely hard to make that happen.”

    You can view the original post here:

  • hanncoll

    “In a poll that rewarded only ingenuity…”

    Meredith, are you sure you don’t work for the Bush administration? 😉

  • Meredith Milewicz

    “Meredith, are you sure you don’t work for the Bush administration?”


  • Tia

    The SOS was simply a cheating free for all, especially by the top two winners. Theres a difference between manually voting again and again, then using a bot that votes 99,999 times for you. One actually shows a fans dedication and the other is just a cheap trick by a few people. The poll was a joke, and its unfair that it came with such a nice promotional package. The only reason why TV addicts even has the promo banner for Supernatural was because the blogger was invited on set. Kristin shows favor in a poll entitled SAVE ONE SHOW. She should have etheir stuck to the SOS meaning or gave free promotion to all the shows on the list.

  • Mel

    A camp for Supernatural fans!! TV Addict, are we having s’mores?

  • Nat

    I’m a Supernatural fan who did turn off their cookies and manually hit that button with my index finger for a good hour and a half instead of downloading the Macro thing the VM site suggested and turn it on while going out and doing something. I consider cheating as something that takes minimal effort that doesn’t require you taking time out of your day to vote.

    However, we all can face the fact that GG probably isn’t coming back and VM… unless some huge miracle happens, not even Joss Whedon and Stephan King can save that show *shrug*.

  • Megan

    ONE TREE HILL is the best show BY FAR…it’s good for everyone…it shows a lot of life Xperiences and it’s jus n all around gr8 show…this is my fav. show ever n it doesn’t need to b over-run n kicked off the air by stupid shows like veronica mars n the dumb gilmore girls…the gilmore girls have been long over due for cancellation…i usta like GG up until the 5th episode or so n then it was boring to me from then now i don’t even watch it…now i’m all bout ONE TREE HILL…i’ve watched this show from day one n haven’t missed n episode…i think it’s good for all ages n that’s a good thing bc it’s not everyday that u can find a show where the whole family can sit down n watch it…n even learn sumthing or jus enjoy watchin it n doin sumthin’ together…GO ONE TREE HILL!!!…DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW PLZ…