theTVaddict First Look: Grey’s Anatomy Spin-off

greys anatomy spinoff

theTVaddict is thrilled to be able to show you the first photos from the GREY’S ANATOMY SPIN-OFF Very Special two-part episode of GREY’S ANATOMY that may possibly be turned into a spin-off. Click the link below to meet the newest doctor’s you’ll all be drooling over come Fall 2007.

greys anatomy spinoff

greys anatomy spinoff

greys anatomy spinoff

greys anatomy spinoff

greys anatomy spinoff

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  • Ash

    Does anyone else think it seems to have a more sitcom feel from the pictures?

  • tdot

    ill be watching.THX TVADDICT

  • yeah i just think this a bad bad idea at least wait until the show is over before attempting a spinoff which in my opinion as never been done right unless your a fan of the jeffersons or frashier which im not. this had disater written all over it on the other hand it might be fun to watch in crash and burn.

    ps if addison leaves how are she and alex gonna end up together?!?! damn you abc

  • I agree that there aren’t a whole lot of successful spinoffs in television history… particularly where dramas are concerned. That said, I was only a moderate fan of Dallas, but Knots Landing was, in my mind, one of the best prime time soaps ever. Correction: The best primetime soap ever.

  • Ash, I thought it had that feel….It’s not quite what I expected, but it does look sitcom style kind of.

  • VCAD

    I don’t watch GA and I will not be watching this.

  • Ash

    So imdb has the show titled “Private Practice.” Has anyone heard that it has a title yet?

  • Common Sense

    This is starting to look like an episode of The Surreal Life.

    BTW, is that “Nina” from Everwood sitting there in the first pic?

  • Chris Lowell… hoo baby!

  • starbase135

    Oh my gosh…Everwood’s Stephanie Niznik is back on the screen…good for her…and for us ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, it somehow looks like a comedy…

  • deebee

    Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Merrin Dungey (good to see her back) and Chris Lowell (finally showing off some skin like he was during the “Life as we know it” days! VM totally underused him.)
    I’m gonna watch this and drop the self-righteous Grey’s Anatomy (the cast that don’t like each other along with some ridiculous plots made me wish the show go back to the days when it was on Sunday…)

  • Wow, the cast looks pretty awesome. If there’s such a thing as an Emmy “technical” award for casting, the person who cast this show should win in a landslide. With a cast this interesting, they better not screw it up.

  • Riles329

    I think the pics might feel “sitcommy” because the sets seem so much brighter and colorful. than the more sterile sets on the mothership (the sterile hallways at Seattle Grace, the dark colors of Meredith’s house, etc.).

    That said, this cast looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see this episode!

  • bf

    Is Brenneman pregnant? And how do you make compelling drama from elective surgery?

  • bf, thanks for the post.

    “And how do you make compelling drama from elective surgery?”

    In response to your question: NIP/TUCK!

  • Ashley

    It does look very sitcom/sop opera like. That can’t be a good sign. I can’t believe this is the best they could come given that it’s a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy.

  • shanna

    This is a hard one. The cast looks AMAZING (thank god if somethng is good enough to bring Amy Brenneman back to TV). But the pics do feel sitcom-y, and I’m not sure about the viability of a spin-off. I think lots of Grey’s fans might feel it’s overkill and will be resentful about Addison leaving the show.

    Question: what would Addison’s role be on a show about elective surgery? isn’t that more Mark’s realm?

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  • Piz’s torso scares me.

  • Nick

    “Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Merrin Dungey (good to see her back) and Chris Lowell (finally showing off some skin like he was during the โ€œLife as we know itโ€ days! VM totally underused him.)”
    How exactly do you do Grey’s Anatomy as a male actor without showing off some skin?? It’s like asking whether cat likes to eat fish.

  • Erica

    People have said it in previous posts, and I’ll repeat it – what is WITH the crappy lighting? That had better just be the stills, and not the overal look of the show, unless we’re going for a happy-go-lucky-uh-oh-someone-threw-a-wrench-in-our-picnic-plans ABC Family sitcom.

  • Amy

    I don’t think that the spinoff will go over well but I will be watching it till the end anyways.
    O and my o my does Chris look smokin’

  • marni

    ok…great cast….
    this better fail though because there is no greys w/out kate walsh

  • Isabel

    I couldn’t stand it. I agree with Marni – Kate belongs on Greys. I hated the “spin-off” attempt. And who needs another doctors in LA.

  • Cary

    Didn’t like the new show. Will not watch it. Addison belongs in Seattle…maybe she can bring back Tim Daly’s character with her.

  • sofia

    The spin-off was realy good and funny, I will definetly watch the new show. the cast is really good, but addison belongs in Seattle…

  • Lara

    Show was choppy, but has potential.
    Amy Brennenman is the saving grace and could easily lead the charge.
    I really hope Stephanie Niznik will have a future on this show if it goes on.

  • Axe Pagode

    I think the spin-off is a great idea. I will be looking for it. Over the years, there have been many successful spin-offs. There are many spinoffs on television right now e.g. CSI New York, CSI Miami, Boston Legal, Law & Order Criminal Intent, and Law & Order SVU. I hope this one works out, because I love the cast.

  • omg, is she still gonna be on grey’s anatomy?? is there still gonna be grey’s anatomy!? omg, its not gonna be the same without addy! ๐Ÿ™ but i will so be watching both shows!!

  • i was just reading over the comments, and your right, addison does belong in seattle..