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cw hidden palms

Are you dreading a long summer of reality television and AMERICAN IDOL knock-offs? Well I’ve two words for you — HIDDEN PALMS. The CW will unleash its latest guilty pleasure following ONE TREE HILL on May 30 2007.

HIDDEN PALMS features a plethora of familiar TV faces including Taylor Handler (THE OC), Gail O’Grady (NYPD BLUE), Sharon Lawrence (NYPD BLUE) and Tessa Thompson (Veronica Mars). Click the link below for a revealing first look.

cw hidden palms

cw hidden palms

cw hidden palms

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  • Josh

    The season finale of One Tree Hill isn’t until June 13th.

    I don’t know, I’ll probably end up watching this show. I saw the pilot and it wasn’t too bad. It’d definitely be a guilty pleasure.

  • Josh, Thanks for the correction. Do I want to know how you obtained a copy of the Hidden Palms premiere?

  • Lynn

    I’ve already seen the pilot as well and I think they re-casted the character that Tessa Thompson plays. I remember there being a young black actress in the pilot, but it wasn’t her. I’m interested to see if her scenes play better. I think it’s a good change.

    Hopefully this show will be decent and stick around to give One Tree Hill more of a reason to be put to death.

  • Common Sense

    Don’t forget scene-stealer Michael Cassidy. I’ve been intrigued and waiting for this show since last May when they announced it. Seems like the CW could’ve given it a big boost paired with Top Model or Gilmore, since PCD is a one-and-done reality show. When warm weather hits, how many people are coming inside to watch TV at 8 o’clock? Hope I’m wrong.

  • Josh

    The pilot has made the rounds on the Internet since before the fall TV season even began. Of course, I don’t condone illegal downloading….. 😉 But I do happen to have a copy of it.

    I think you’re right Lynn. I saw that Tessa Thompson was listed as being in the cast, but I don’t remember ever seeing her in the pilot.

    The show could do alright in the ratings. Shows like Kyle XY manage to get fairly good ratings at 8:00.

  • Sam

    Tessa Thompson wasn’t in the pilot. It seems like they replaced Dana Davis who went on to star in the defunct The Nine with Tessa.

    The two shows I’d been waiting for midseason were Traveler and this. Where’s Traveler?

  • April

    I saw this pilot as well. Didn’t see Tessa, but she must have replaced the other black actress. I think it has some potential, I’m just afraid they’re trying to hard. It goes a little too far in the first episode towards being something I don’t think it can handle. If just trys to stay a mediocre guilty pleasure it will do okay.

  • Derek

    Yeah, I like Dana Davis but I think Tessa Thompson might be even better. I’ve also seen the pilot but I haven’t made up my mind on whether I liked it or not. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next few episodes before I decide.

  • Mokesh

    I saw the (original version of the) pilot and thought it was a dud. The guy is creepy and ugly, the girl is from the Marissa/Peyton/Joey class of annoying characters (with no Summer/Brooke/Jen to balance her out), the dialogue went “clunk, clunk, clunk”, the acting was bad, the writing was hamfisted (“He kicked a dog! He must be evil!” Oh, the subtlety!), the music budget was too big for the show’s own good, and they could have gotten at least three more scenes into the show if they’d just eliminated the pauses.. between… Johnny’s… words… and… sentences (which made his assertion that his mother pausing before saying she loves her husband proves she doesn’t love him particularly ironic)!

  • Thanks for the revealing look! I saw the pilot and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for more!

  • I’m always up for a cheesy new summe addiction! Yay! (Does anyone remember American Dreams–was it even called that? The one with Kate Bosworth on the WB. That was another good one for mindless summer entertainment.)

  • You can watch two trailers for Hidden Palms Here

  • electricpeppers

    I just watched the Pilot, it wasn’t as horrible as I had imagined. Although the dialogue is rather appalling in places, it was as if they hadn’t polished the script before going to film the episode. It’s a shame because I used to really like Dawson’s Creek, this seems a little mediocre for Williamson. I think one of the only intriguing things about this show is Cliff, he’s very charismatic I liked him the minute he opened his mouth. The other characters are a little annoying. The lead boy seems as if he’s based on Veronica Mars but in a really bad way… I can’t believe VM got cancelled and they will show this dross. Hm, who knows though it may get a little better.

  • oleg

    Yeah…i was the pillot to and it wanst too bad. i think it will be one of my favortite shows but it way far off as good as the oc ….. what im trying to say it that its a good show and ill end up watching it.

  • nita

    uh tessa thompson’s character is a completely different one from the girl in the pilot.

  • michelle