DRIVE Premieres Tonight on FOX at 8PM

FOX’s much anticipated new action-fueled drama DRIVE premieres tonight on FOX at 8PM. While critics around the country are mixed as to the series chances of success, theTVaddict loved the first two hours and is confident that if given the chance, say a mere ten minutes, you’ll love it to. Aintitcool News agrees:

Darkly funny, exciting and loaded with plot twists and intriguing characters, “Drive” reunites the great writer-director-producer Tim Minear (“The X-Files,” “Angel,” “Wonderfalls,” “The Inside”) and Nathan Fillion (“Serenity,” “Slither”), who previously collaborated to gratifying effect on “Firefly.”

As the “Alias,” “24” and “Lost” pilots did, the “Drive” opener generates fascinating questions aplenty – and will leave audiences hungering for answers long after its two-hour introduction concludes. (Happily, a third hour airs Monday.)

Following tonight’s premiere, check back with and let us know if you agree.

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  • tdot

    I watched it on Friday on CT. and it was really good!
    cant wait for more. isnt it moving to mndays!?!?

  • Frank

    Wow a show with tons of critical praise, lots of buzz and premiring on FOX….

    Where have i seen this before?

    OH! thats right EVERY show on Fox i’ve ever enjoyed before it was cancelled.

  • Frank

    love the show so far.

    But Key West looks ALOT like Southern California…

    The director could have done a better job avoiding the mountains in the distance during the highway scene

  • tdot

    I didnt even notice, or actually i didnt concentrate on the scenary. I actually dont really like Nathon Fillion but hes doin an alright job in Drive! OH YEAH 2 words AMY ACKER!

  • Marcy


  • Wow…that was some good television.

    I thought it had a good mix of action, comedy and drama….really sets up nicely. I’m intrigued, and will definitely stick around for this race…..

    That camera work was impressive, and the opening scene had me hooked.

  • DaSully

    Alright, I’m hooked. I was pleasantly surprised that the show kept my attention throughout the two hour span. Despite being a Floridian and cringing a little during their use of the Shuttle footage(liftoffs don’t normally take place or appear to take place on highway overpasses) But minor complaints like that can be overlooked. Good job, Fox. I’m actually watching more than two shows on your network.

  • I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode!!
    I love when a show has a great new premise!

  • Common Sense

    Need to vent on how hilarious that “Dear Sister” digital short video was on SNL. Shooting has never, ever been so funny, I’m sure.

  • Nimisha

    i saw the premiere on CTV and totally loved it! do u know what time slot its going to be appearing on regularly?

  • cathy

    I tuned into this show solely to see Nathan Fillion, who I loved in Firefly. I stuck around for the whole two hours of the premiere because it was nicely done, very exciting and suspenseful. I love the shots that zero in from a satellite view to a specific spot on the Earth. I’ve enjoyed most of the characters so far as well. The solution of “eliminating one driver” was very satisfying — I probably would have quit watching right then and there if the girl had been killed instead. Can we trust Alex Tully’s new partner? Probably not, but it certainly helps that she’s a hot blonde. I have a bit of a problem with the way that “They” seem to be everywhere and know everything everyone’s doing; however, I’m willing to watch for a bit more to see if that issue becomes more believable.

  • Jo

    Nimisha, according to the schedule on CTV’s site, Drive will be staying on Fridays in the later time slot (after Ghost Whisperer).