Last night’s episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS was the reality check this TV Addict needed. Cleary we’re no longer in EVERWOOD. Could Rebecca (brilliantly portrayed by EVERWOOD’s Emily VanCamp) be more different from our beloved Amy Abbott? Is anyone else a little curious as to what really went down between Joe and Rebecca?

At the risk of being attacked by woman’s rights activists everywhere, I’m just going to come out and say it. I think Rebecca is lying about Joe kissing her. While I don’t deny the kiss happened, I believe Rebecca initiated the kiss and has concocted this entire story to create a family crisis (did she not learn anything from the recent Duke Lacrosse scandal?). After-all, Joe himself said it best when he told Rebecca that the Walker family really comes together in a crisis (see: Paige’s diabetes). Rebecca sees the ‘Joe’ situation as an easy way into the hearts of her fellow brothers and sisters.

[Naturally, if my theory is wrong, I was on ‘Team Rebecca’ the entire time]

On a lighter note, how much did you love Walker Family Game Night. Was it not great to spend an evening away from an alcohol fueled dinner table? That said there definitely were enough drinks to go around and Rebecca losing the game for ‘Team Walker’ ensured the night, like most evenings on the show, ended badly. Again, I’m going to have to question Rebecca’s motives with this as well. Did anyone else notice her smirk after losing the game? I’m pretty sure that was payback for Kitty’s rudeness earlier in the episode.

Frankly, it’s a wonder Rebecca still shows up at the Walker house. Has an episode gone by when she hasn’t walked into the room unexpectedly to hear one of her new brothers and/or sisters talking poorly about her? Like it’s her fault she is William’s secret love child.

Finally, since you know you want to be on ‘Team Walker’, I took the liberty of designing a new t-shirt. Now you too can be part of television’s most dysfunctional family (family issues and alcohol dependancy not included!). You can check out the latest addition to theTVaddict Swag Shop by clicking here (or click the tshirt above).

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  • Rebecca TOTALLY kissed Joe. Not two minutes earlier she admitted to having an ex that was older than Joe! She obviously has some daddy issues, understandably I suppose.

  • Oh, and I hope that’s not the last we see of Jason McAllister. Hubba hubba!

    Thank god they didn’t hire Chad Lowe!

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha…I’m with you, Tim. Jason is better-looking than his older “bro.” And Kevin, what a jerk…that was your “pick-up” banter. I was thinking ‘becca & Joe did the deed.

    How brilliant was it to see Dharma & her mother-in-law as the Scott Women?! That scene where they met up with Kitten & Gidget had me laffin’ out loud. The women play the comedy very well on this show. And now TVA has me crackin’ up every time I see them with a wine bottle.