Conan Takes on STUDIO 60

Check out LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN’S take on Aaron Sorkin’s STUDIO 60 “Aaron Sorkin: Studio 6A on the 6th Floor of Rockefeller Plaza”. Not only is the clip hilarious, it hopefully will remind the suits at NBC that they have yet to broadcast the second half of STUDIO 60’s season. Yes NBC, we haven’t forgotten. And in case you haven’t noticed, audiences aren’t finding THANK GOD YOU’RE HERE very funny.

Thanks to TVTATTLE for the tip!

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  • I agree, Thank God You’re Here isn’t worth the pixels on my tv screen… but that Conan clip.. well, frankly, I thought it sucked..

    And I’m a huge fan of his “shorts” (that didn’t sound good) normally, but like “Studio 60”, I found it flat and uninspired.

    (At least they got the Sorkin fallacy of alcohol in the workplace right… has there ever been an episode of one of his show’s that the characters didn’t crack open a beer or have a glass of scotch AT WORK???)

    Great site btw..


  • thawtful

    Don’t you find it odd that Conan is just now getting around to jabbing at Studio 60 — the show’s been off the air since mid February. Is he trying to help Tina Fey (known hater of all things Sorkin that might threaten her piddly show)? What does Conan know that the rest of don’t? Studio 60 did better in the Monday night slot than any of its replacements. And for all this talk of it costing too much, go look at the Hollywood Reporter’s article on pilots. It mentions the average costs of a drama series as being over 3 million an episode — just like Studio 60! So for all the putting down of this series, maybe people should start to recognize the show had potential — if Zucker and Reilly had supported it!

  • bill

    Yeah, sorry, but TGYH is alot funnier than that Conan clip. Although I did like the mocking of Danny and Harriet.

  • Mike Hutchins

    I thought it was very funny. They nailed the pretension and jaw-droppingly cliche’ manner of Studio 60. All they missed were the Three’s Company level plotlines and they’d have have really got it right. As to the Studio 60 supporters, some of whom have posted comments here: I understand you want the show to be good, and that it has brief flashes of quality, but it’s time to admit it sucks. It’s time to grow up.

  • Evin

    To the individual above me, as an American you are entitled to your own wrong opinion. Studio 60 had witty dialogue, interesting social commentary, and characters that were enjoyable to watch. Of course me being an American I am subject to the exact statement I directed at you, but damn it! Me and a number of friends really enjoyed that show, and I suppose we can only hope that NBC will let it linger around for a little while longer.