Death Rocks B&B!

Over the past few years, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has developed a reputation for telling some of daytime’s most outrageously entertaining tales, nearly all of which have focused on the Forrester family’s tendency to marry one another’s former spouses and the long-running battle between matriarch Stephanie and her former daughter-in-law Brooke. Beginning tomorrow, the sudser will launch another stunner of a tale when a bullet fells one of the cast. And while it doesn’t take a genius to predict who will literally bite the bullet — could it be creepy stalker Shane, who suddenly reappeared last week after being absent for several months and happens to have a gun in his car? — look for several central characters to behave in a most shocking manner following tomorrow’s shooting. (Of course, if the show really wants to shock us, they might have Brooke marry — or at least date — someone who isn’t related to Ridge!)

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  • Mr. Brightside

    It’s probably Shane. Bell told the press about the big death awhile ago and probably chickened out and brought back Shane just to kill him off.

  • eric

    i think it is. but you never know, he can throw us a sideball…

  • It looks as if in this case, the identity of the person who dies won’t be nearly as interesting as the story that springs from the fatality.