Surprise of the Weekend: SNL was Funny

If you missed SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend, you missed another surprisingly funny episode. Hosted by “IT” actor Shia Labeouf, SNL featured not one or two, but THREE hilarious sketches and one pretty funny digital short. Before NBC stupidly removes the clip (who needs free advertising anyway?), I’ve posted my favourite sketch above — Amy Poehler doing her eerily spot-on impersonation of Dakota Fanning.

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  • Common Sense

    If you missed the outrageous digital short, YouTube has it posted. Just enter “Dear Sister digital short.” I’ll never be able to hear that song without losin’ it. (These short films have really become the best part of the shows.) Shia was great; I’m a new fan…and totally psyched to see “Disturbia.”

  • I’d heard that someone was still watching SNL… I didn’t realize it was you!

  • Disturbia was good, I was surprised. Of course, I’ve loved Shia since Holes so I might be biased.

    The digital short was my favorite. It was exactly like the scene in The O.C. where Marissa shoots Trey — I wonder if that was an accidental parody or on purpose?

  • otto

    Sorry, but Poehler totally missed on Dakota, her impersonation was nothing but an overblown and unresearched caricature. She needs to try actually learning about a person before attempting to imitate them.

  • Anonymus

    A lot of people watch SNL, stop hating.