theTVaddict First Look: Pizonica

Veronica Logan shippers, I apologize for starting your week off on the wrong foot. But as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words and Veronica and Piz (or ‘PiZonica’ as by friend Ducky officially coined them) are looking mighty cozy in this photo that theTVaddict just obtained from the CW.

Remember MARS fans, the show desperately needs your support if there’s any hope for a fourth season. Be sure to tune in when the show finally returns on May 1 at 9PM on the (still somewhat new) CW.

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  • VCAD

    OMG! this is killing me! Die Pizonica! come back LoVe!!!!

  • Yay!

    f**k the whiny emo millionaire boy!

  • rowanceleste

    Veronica doesn’t look too thrilled to be in Piz’s arms, even though she’s leaning against him, so if that’s the epitome of ‘Pizonica’ then I think I can survive it! It’s completely different from when Veronica had her arms around Logan in the library and it was like they wanted to melt into each other.

  • April

    Hee. Awkard is that picture. And that brings me much joy. Pizonica is temporary. LoVe is epic.

  • Susan

    Congrats to the photographer who managed to make Chris Lowell look like a soft body.

  • Amy

    HA Piz totally looks fat in that pic and Veronica doesn’t look very comfortable. Doughboy can’t begin to compete with Logan.

  • Stella08

    Aww! They look ridiculously adorable. Go away Logan. Forever.

  • Annie

    What a waste of what will probably be the last five episodes of the series. Piz is the most worthless character ever. He might turn out to be even more pointless than Jackie ultimately ended up being. And that is saying something.

    And the hair! Ugh. *stabs*

  • Callie

    I am seriously so f**king glad I am done with this show. RT has destroyed my love for it, and I will not bother wasting my time watching when it comes back.

  • TrueMyth


    I was ready for this six episodes ago and now I have to think that this isn’t a pitstop (pizstop?); it’s a destination. Which is so boring really.

  • Ladygirl

    So Kristen Bell still can’t act physical closeness even when it’s the ship she prefers? Well, she has a ‘bright’ future ahead of her, no doubt.

    I’m so glad I won’t be there to ‘enjoy’ it.

  • Juls

    I’m sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Continue..or, you know, don’t. That’d be preferable since I’d like to keep the enamel on my teeth.

    The season (/series) needs to hurry up and end so I can see Chris on the Grey’s spinoff instead and hopefully start liking him.

  • Has Veronica put on weight?… Her face looks a bit more ‘chubby’.

  • Shiny4LoVe

    Yep she definitely looks like a frigging chipmunk.

    I loved VM and in the space of two seasons KB & RT have managed to destroy everything I loved about the show. I say DIE Pizonica and DIE VM.

    RT & KB don’t deserve another Season and the likes of JDoh, TM, FC, EC and RH need to be given a chance to shine elsewhere.

    Lets hope we never have to see KB EVER again.

  • whatwhat

    Remember MARS fans, the show desperately needs your support if there’s any hope for a fourth season.

    Uhhh, vomit? Give it a rest. The show is a mockery of what it once was, every episode does its very best to mock and degrade women, and Rob Thomas has as much as said (and proved!) that he thinks his audience is too stupid to understand his ‘genius’. Anyone who still trails after him begging for scraps deserves whatever insults he sends their way– Piz included.

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  • That pose looks more forced than that time Jason Dohring had to pretend to liek Paris Hilton

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  • Alan Piznarski

    I can see why Logan beat him up haha, but Logan jumps into conclusions in a split second before taking anything with a grain of salt. Piz is the only normal one of the group, even though he seems kinda emo. His character has a lot in common with me, and we are both silly and funny. Piz is a true VM die hard fan for sure as I’m one too. At least he is a cool friend at least. But I agree with you, LoVe is the rightful couple of this show haha, Logan dude is so charming around Veronica, and she needs him deep down in her heart.