theTVaddict Readers Respond to DRIVE

Critics be damned! Here’s what the only people that matter — the audience (specifically the brilliant and good-looking readers of — had to say about last night’s premiere of DRIVE on FOX.

Flutie: Wow… that was some good television. I thought it had a good mix of action, comedy and drama…. really sets up nicely. I’m intrigued, and will definitely stick around for this race… That camera work was impressive, and the opening scene had me hooked.

DaSally: Alright, I’m hooked. I was pleasantly surprised that the show kept my attention throughout the two hour span.

Amrie: I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode. I love when a show has a great new premise!

Cathy: I tuned into this show solely to see Nathan Fillion, who I loved in Firefly. I stuck around for the whole two hours of the premiere because it was nicely done, very exciting and suspenseful. I love the shots that zero in from a satellite view to a specific spot on the Earth. I’ve enjoyed most of the characters so far as well. The solution of “eliminating one driver” was very satisfying — I probably would have quit watching right then and there if the girl had been killed instead.

Be sure to tune into the third episode airing in its regular timeslot, tonight on FOX at 8PM. Missed the premiere, you can catch it online at

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  • Frank

    Is anyone else finding that they are much more intrested in the actual race, than any other the goings on of Nathan Fillion’s character?

    For some reason im finding the other teams more enganging.

    Im rooting for the daddy/daughter team.

  • Tim

    I’m the opposite. I find myself hoping they will stick with Nathans character. That scene where he kept seeing his wife appear in the mirror behind him was so “Angel”. I loved it.