Random TV Tidbits for a Tuesday

GILMORE GIRLS finally returns tonight with a brand new episode after what seems like an eternity. Frankly it says a lot about the show this season that I have yet to watch the last new episode that aired. What will you be watching tonight — GILMORE GIRLS or IDOL? Sadly, I think I’ll be watching the latter (don’t worry, I’m PVRing GILMORE).

Is there any character on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES more annoying than Tom Scavo? How on earth does Lynette put up with his incessant whining? Perhaps she should take a page from Betty Applewhite’s book and lock him in the basement.

Unbeknownst to me, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was a repeat last night. But it turns out the “Swarley” episode is just as funny the second time.

I should have known better than to fall in love with a FOX drama right off the bat. DRIVE opened to less than stellar numbers on Sunday, garnering a mere six million viewers for its two hour premiere. Will FOX show patience with the Tim Minear vehicle? Or yank it off the highway like they did with PROFIT, REUNION, FIREFLY, WONDERFALLS et al? Stay Tuned.

Anyone else get a sense of deja vu while watching last night’s episode of the KING OF QUEENS? Doug turning smart for an episode was eerily similar to Homer Simpson jumping a few hundred IQ points a few years back. Perhaps the writer’s took the Kevin James/Homer Simpson comparison a touch too far this time.

  • John

    GG versus Idol?

    I never watch reality TV and still like GG, so it is an easy call.

  • I should probably clarify my GILMORE vs IDOL point. Don’t get me wrong. I’m obviously going to still watch GILMORE. But only because I’ve stuck with the show throughout its entire run. At this point, I really don’t care how or if the show ends.

  • becky

    I agree, this show used to be soooo good and now it seems to just keep getting worse and worse. Hopefully tonight will rekindle something and give us fans hope for a good end if this is it’s year. Also, that Simpsons episode is my favorite one. 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Watched GG….as I couldn’t bear the thought of being “Pickler-ized” on Idol.

    Stars Hollow magic is pretty much gone, sad to say. Why, oh why, couldn’t the writers incorporate more Emily into this season’s episodes? Her and Lorelai’s relationship is the most interesting thing about the show. Was nice to see Lorelai lay down the common sense talk to spoiled rich kid, tho.

  • andi

    I must completely disagree with Common Sense. I found this episode to be jam packed with Stars Hollow Magic, it was a classic Gilmore Girls episode. As someone who has been watching for a long time and owns some seasons on dvd, it was a perfect episode in line with what most fans have come to expect from the show. There was great interaction between the characters and typically when we have an episode that’s main focus is a town event they don’t have Emily and Richard because it wouldn’t make sense. There was a lot to pack into the episode and even a short Friday night dinner scene would have made it feel rushed.

    I do agree with you, Common Sense on one point though that I was glad Logan and Lorelai opened up to each other, not only to clear the air and to see someone other than Paris tell him off but also so that we could see what he was feeling and thinking.

  • Unfortunately, I found last night’s episode painful to watch until the last 15 minutes.

    The stuff with the hay bale maze was an attempt to bring back the classic Stars Hollow feel, but somehow, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it just didn’t feel right. Perhaps the worst part was how big a deal people made it, like a maze is really that fascinating. I can understand Taylor being obsessed with it, but not everyone else.

    The show did get a little better when Lorelai and Logan had their conversation in the kitchen and when Luke and Lorelai apologized to each other. Unfortunately, the apologizies feel too little too late. Although it’s obvious that Luke and Lorelai are working towards getting back together, or at least a friendly plutonic reconciliation, it feels kind of forced. If they do get back together, I doubt it will feel natural and magical like it did in seasons four and five. They’ve just gone too far in the opposite direction and the chemistry is gone.

    I agree with Becky that this show used to be sooo good. I find I have to avoid TiVo’ing old episodes on ABC Family or watching the DVDs or it will just depress me that much more about how things have turned out in seasons six and seven. At one time, I considered this show my 2nd favorite show of all time (after Babylon 5), but ever since the last few episodes of season five, the show hasn’t just jumped a shark, it’s sprouted wings and swooped over a whole school of sharks.

    Despite it all, I still want resolution. So, an abbreviated season eight (the newest rumor) is better than no season eight at all.