Will Less Football Lead To More LIGHTS?

Could taking away the very thing around which FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS revolves — football — be the key to the drama scoring a second season? That’s how executive producers Peter Berg and Jason Katmis are thinking according to comments they made at a symposium last week. According to Variety, the pair admitted that they were “doing everything we can to distance ourselves from football,” declaring the sport to be “the least interesting aspect of the show.”

In fact, the execs admitted that the Dillon Panthers won the all-important championship game in the season finale so that a second season would not have to focus so heavily on the game. “Football will always be at the center of the show in terms of the obsession this town has,” Katmis was quoted as saying. “But I think we’ve earned the right to tell stories that have nothing to do with football. In fact, I think it’s a necessity.”

But can a show which is a critical darling maintain that status while losing a key element? And in the end, is critical support even important if the show can find and maintain an audience by refocusing its energies on the characters who are at the heart of the series?

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  • Whatever to keep it alive man, whatever to keep the show alive…

  • AJ

    I really like the football element of the show. I feel like the football part is a very small part of it already. If they cut anymore, it will be a minute part. Let’s not turn this show into Melrose Place!

  • Whatever they have to do to keep this show on, I’m for it. But, I wouldn’t mind a little less of the big cliche football game scenes. But, the show is titled Friday Night Lights for a reason. It’s about football, and I don’t think they can get too far from that.

  • Tim

    How could they cut it even more? Hell, the championship game scenes lasted all of like a minute.

  • The main character of the show is a football coach in a town obsessed by football. Please, how can they cut football out any more than they already have?


  • Sam

    This would be like LOST without the flashbacks. It’s a part of the show and everyone who watches already likes it as is.

  • Sounds like a BIG mistake … >:^(

  • mg714

    This makes me a little worried – I think the show already has a good balance of the football and the main stories about the town and the people of Dillon. I feel the show was pretty perfect this first season and changing the show too much worries me. I think the bigger problem wasn’t how much football was in the show but how NBC promoted the show. The network really needs to work on that next season for whatever timeslot it puts FNL in.