While watching AMERICAN IDOL last night, you may have noticed the cameras catching Simon Cowell roll his eyes after contestant Chris Richardson sent his condolences to the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy (see clip above). On a conference call theTVaddict just took part in, AMERICAN IDOL Executive Producer Ken Warwick wanted to the set record straight.

Turns out, Simon was rolling his eyes in response to Chris Richardson claiming that singing through his nose was an acceptable way of singing. In general, thanks to the incredibly loud audience directly on top of them, the judges rarely hear what the contestants say and that Simon was mortified to discover that his eye-roll had been misinterpreted and deeply regrets the tragedy that happened at Virginia Tech.

Other morsels that came out of today’s conference call:

We won’t be seeing songs from THE BEATLES catalogue until IDOL producers can find the right artist to mentor the contestants.

Ryan is simply doing his job — which the producers love — when he defends the contestants against Simon’s criticism.

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  • Mana

    Arh… No one does overreacting and blowing things out of proportion better than Americans. That said, the condolences did seem like a cheap trick to win over viewers so I wouldn’t put it past Simon to roll his eyes at it (however insensitive that might have been).

    My heart goes out to the Virginia Tech victims… may such tragedy never occur again.

  • In the news lately, some of the Idols have been dropped by their record companies. Not a very smart PR move for American Idol. I could careless about Katherine McPhee, sad for Rubin but upset about Taylor Hicks. It is very unfortunate that the record company that he signed with did not properly promote him like they did for Daughtry. I like Daughtry too, but Taylor was not given his due. Taylor, after all was the winner.