Oddly enough, watching last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS was eerily similar to sitting through an hour of AMERICAN IDOL. The episodes were both mixed bags filled with cringe-worthy moments, funny moments and those magical moments that remind you why you fell in love with the show in the first place.

The Cringe-Worthy Moments:
GILMORE GIRLS: I can’t believe after over a month off, the writers had the audacity to open the episode with a scene between Michel and Sookie. When will the writers learn, Michel isn’t funny. Additionally, nothing against the young actress who plays her, but can anyone else not stand April?

AMERICAN IDOL: Simon took the words right out of my mouth when he told Sanjaya, “Enough is enough.. the joke is over.” Will America really be fooled by another ‘wacky’ hairstyle? Who are we kidding, this is the country that voted Taylor Hicks as their AMERICAN IDOL.

The Hilarious Moments:
GILMORE GIRLS: Zack, Paris and Kirk! Zack’s love of the maze (again, how is a father of twins supporting his family on a waiter salary?), Paris’ milk fetish, and Kirk on stilts (hilarious!). These three characters have been beacons of light in what’s been a pretty heavy and depressing season.

AMERICAN IDOL: Simon finally told Doolittle what I’ve been shouting at the television all season long. Get over yourself and stop acting surprised when you’re told your a good singer. You’re great, accept it.

The Magical Moment:
GILMORE GIRLS: Luke and Lorelai finally apologized to each-other. It’s about time, it only took a season of awkward and painful moments. But you know who they really should have been apologizing to — us [the audience]. For making fnas sit through their whole mess of a relationship.

AMERICAN IDOL: How nice was it to see Phil Stacey, who’s deservedly found himself in the bottom three week after week finally deliver a guaranteed winning performance. Has America found its next Country star?

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  • Monkey

    April = change the channel!
    Her lisp was in full form last night, almost killed me!

  • Common Sense

    “Who are we kidding, this is the country that voted Taylor Hicks as their AMERICAN IDOL.”

    ‘Nuff said. No one can take the show seriously. Which is why I hope Dr. Doolittle is voted off tonight and Sanjaya stays!!

    RE: GG…..Anyone else notice that Rory and Logan speak SO FAST, you can hardly understand a single word? Still disliked the episode altogether. In thinking of what characters I look forward to seeing in a scene, I keep coming up with Lorelai and Emily. Few, few others.

  • Loved GG last night. I think April has humanized Luke a bit so I like her (I know I’m seriously in the minority there). Really liked the scene between Lorelei and Logan in the kitchen at the end, very nice. Hope the show comes back for another year.

  • lauren

    ok….. i really hate the april character too! Shes so annoying and nerdy. not just cool nerdy, but bland, boring and almost unwatchable. her mom owns a cool clothing store, you would think she’d be able to at least be a bit more social. she just has very odd mannerisms….
    but im obsessed with GG and am so happy that the reruns stopped!

  • Jennifer

    regarding phil stacey, he was good in that he didn’t suck as much as he usually does, but i wouldn’t tout him as the next big country singer………..certainly melinda and jordin were better. Keep in mind also that his song was also incredibly catchy…..and losing the odd hats seems to have wonders for him, much like melinda’s surprising and successful venture last night in not looking like you are 50. i wonder who will get voted off TONIGHT.