Live Blogging LOST (Episode 17, Season 3)

9:56PM: America finally got it right. Ba-BYE Sanjaya! How excited is everyone for LOST?

10:01PM: Does anyone else think Charlie’s days may be numbered tonight? (fingers crossed)

10:04PM: Obviously a dream…. but creepy nonetheless.

10:14PM: Isn’t ‘camping’ what they’ve been doing for three seasons?

10:19PM: Who remembers what this cable does? Anybody?

10:22PM: Jack and Kate romance… snoozefest. Where are THE OTHERS! Or at the very least Juliet.

10:23PM: Oh Kate…come on. You’re better than that…

10:26PM: Helicopter!!! That doesn’t sound good. D’OH

10:27PM: I knew it, Starbuck totally crashed on the island!

10:28PM: Why would any company be dumb enough to choose Charlie Sheen as its spokesperson? It’s one step away from Anna Nicole Smith (RIP)

10:33PM: It’s Maybe from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (okay not really)

10:35PM: Not to jump off the LOST bandwagon (again), but this week’s episode is far less exciting than the past few weeks episodes. Juliet finally makes an appearance… remember folks, she’s EVIL!

10:38PM: Satellite phone.. or iPhone?

10:39PM: How does Charlie know Penny?

10:47PM: Didn’t Desmond learn anything from THE SOUND OF MUSIC… the Abbey isn’t a place to hide from the real world.

10:50PM: Desmond saved Charlie’s life again. Talk about anti-climactic.

10:51PM: For the record, Superman would totally beat the Flash in race. Superman can fly around the world in minutes… he’s obviously faster than The Flash.

10:58PM: Okay, obviously I missed something, but I have no idea who that woman is? It’s next season’s Nikki!

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  • Rhonda

    Is it wrong that I love seeing Charlie get stuck with that arrow! Maybe Legolas shot him? Okay… I’m a little bored by this ep.

  • What am I missing? What’s this “Hot Fuzz?” It sounds like either a SuperTroopers sequel (God forbid) or a porn movie about ladies with, um, well-shorn privates.

  • “Even if I spoke Korean, it wouldn’t make any sense.” Another great line. Good lines, so-so episode. OH GOD, NOT THIS DEBATE AGAIN!

  • Predictable. And jesus, nobody even got hit by the arrow??? Lame.

  • Rhonda

    Donald! Duck!

  • LOL@rhonda

  • The Sound of Music? Seriously?

    Snow, why are you posing as Daniel?

  • I stayed awake for this? Geez, if this episode doesn’t have a great twist at the end, I’m back to watching on DVR… although this, my first (and potentially last) live blogging has been fun…

  • Common Sense


  • amanda

    this time last week, i have practically going into cardiac arrest.

    and now…? lame.

  • Hot Fuzz is an action movie spoof about small town cops in England. I don’t know the details about it. If I remember correctly, Richard Roeper and A.O. Scott (from Ebert & Roeper) also gave it two thumbs up in their early review.

  • Wilhemena! I love me some Willy! Wait, that sounds wrong…

  • Tim G… that line was all mine. As I re-iterate… these lines take seconds to make-up.

    Also, I did not just hear the ABC promo guy say ‘an all new October-O’ so cheesy.

  • Did Common just call me a nappy-headed ho?

  • Oooh, Izzie’s baby girl on Grey’s tomorrow night… I’ll have to tape that while I’m out seeing a special pre-screening of KNOCKED UP.

  • So he just assumes she/he/it’s dead… instead of, oh, I don’t know, unconscious?

  • folks…. let’s stay away from the word ‘nappy’… unless of course all the publicity gets on CNN… think Al Sharpton likes LOST?

    also… what do you mean ‘ (and potentially last) live blogging has been fun…’

  • Rhonda

    No f’n way is that Penny!

  • All this flashback crap just so we could see him meet Penny? UGHHHH. When this show is lame, it’s REALLY lame.

  • Did anyone else recognize the woman in the photo on the monk’s desk? I think it was the woman from the jewelry shop from one of Desmond’s previous flashbacks. Is the actress’s name Finola Flanagan, or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Good eye Todd… I didn’t notice that, even on my really nice HDTV!

  • I love the name Penelope.

  • Rhonda

    I’m at a loss for words that ep. was so pointless!!!!

  • Yay, next week is a Jin/Sun episode.

  • Brutal episode, but thanks for everyone for stopping by. Made the hour fly by!

  • Of course, I immediately looked at that photo on freeze-frame, and she looked familiar, but couldn’t figure it out exactly. Good eye!

  • Common Sense

    Agree…lame ep. Who is this chick, and why would she just parachute onto the island?

  • Rhonda

    See ya next week!

  • See everybody next week. Same Bat Time, Sam Bat Channel

  • Obviously the TV Addict doesn’t watch Smallville. He’d know that The Flash can easily beat Superman in a foot race.

  • Tim G… I do not consider SMALLVILLE as the definitive SuperMan.. There is no way Beav from Veronica Mars could outrun Tom Welling.

  • paketep

    God, another boring episode…

    According to IMDB, the girl’s name is Naomi, and she’s at least in the next ep.

  • x

    poor charlie.