theTVaddict Goes to the Movies is thrilled to be able to finally show you the trailer for the upcoming new movie CHARLIE BARTLETT. Okay, I know what you’re thinking — this is theTVaddict, NOT theMOVIEaddict — what the FRAK’S going on?

Well, since you asked. CHARLIE BARTLETT actually has a plethora of television connections. More specifically, the movie features ‘everybody who’s anybody’ in the Toronto acting community. Namely DEGRASSI stars Lauren Collins (Paige), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Jake Epstein (Craig) and a few other actors you may be familiar with — Anton Yelchin (HUFF), Robert Downy Jr. (Ally McBeal), Tyler Hilton (ONE TREE HILL) and Hope Davis (SIX DEGREES).

Most importantly, the movie also stars an incredible and talented actor/musician — my brother! And if you can guess who he is, well, it just proves you’ve been reading for at least a year (and for that I thank you).

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  • Frank

    Looks funny.

    The only degrassi star i spotted was Lauren, was there anyone else that made the trailer.

    Oh and TV Addict, im guessing your brother is the kid with the big red ‘fro. Whos seen standing at the front of the line and then inside the bathroom stall.

  • Congrats to your bro! Who was unfairly edited down in Take the Lead, then again, so was practically every other student character. Oh well. Charlie Bartletts script has been a buzz for a while and apparently pretty funny. Can’t wait!

  • I saw him!!!

  • Rebecca

    It looks very cool. Charlie Bartlett is now on my “must see” list for this summer. I didn’t recognize which one was your brother, but let us know later and I’ll be sure and be on the look out for him.