theTVaddict Previews an OFFICE Product Recall

In an effort to make-up for the fact we’ve got another repeat of THE OFFICE tonight, NBC has been kind enough to send theTVaddict preview clips from next week’s brand new episode entitled ‘Product Recall’. Clip #1 features Michael discussing a recent defect in some of Dunder Mifflin’s paper products. Clip #2 shows Michael handing out assignments to deal with the crisis — or as he calls it ‘threat level midnight’ (that’s what she said). Needless to say, the episode looks hilarious and far funnier than last week’s ‘safety training’.

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  • Amber

    Those clips are awesome! Thanks for sharing, didn’t realize it was a repeat tonight….again. 🙁

  • Martin

    I don’t know what yopu guys are talking about. I thought “Safety Training” was THE funniest episode!