theTVaddict Interviews Sanjaya

theTVaddict literally just got off the phone with one of the most talked about contestants in AMERICAN IDOL history. Here’s what Sanjaya had to say about Simon:

I think when the contest started, Simon saw potential in me. When I didn’t fulfill the potential, he was kind of disappointed. I just want to say that he’s an amazing person and what he does is awesome. He’s very opinionated and I learned more from him than anyone else on the show.

Check back tomorrow for theTVaddict’s entire interview with Sanjaya.

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  • As a Sanjaya fan (or as much of one as you can be when you don’t really watch AI), I CANNOT WAIT! Yay!

  • I am speechless.

  • Mana

    Did he finally get eliminated? I’m one of those who never found him “funny”… good of him to recognize his time on American Idol for what it was.