Enrico Colantoni: VERONICA MARS isn’t Dead Yet

Enrico Colantoni’s spending the summer hiatus in his hometown of Toronto (Canada) to shoot a Céline Dion TV biopic where he plays husband/manager René Angelil. In an interview with the Toronto Star’s Rob Salem, Colantoni wanted to set the record straight with regards to the fate of his ‘regular gig’ VERONICA MARS

Rob (creator/producer Thomas) and a couple of the other executives said, `Let’s make a little showcase pilot of what Veronica could be like in four years.’ They thought Dawn might latch on to the idea of Veronica as an FBI agent in a kind of sexy workplace environment, á la Grey’s Anatomy, that kind of thing.

“We shot 10 pages and they saw it and the reaction was, `That’s not our show.’ Then they saw the last episode of this season, and it was so on the money … it was like the first two years. And I think the network was very excited about that.

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  • Mana

    “The thing is, anyone who actually sees Veronica Mars is going to love Veronica Mars. I mean, I have yet to meet anyone who’s like, `Eh …'”

    Obviously this guy doesn’t get around much. I’ve met many many people who have watched the show and who have not been impressed. These people far outweigh the fans of the show. Personally I tried to get into the show… watched 2½ season but have to give up. I just couldn’t get into it and that’s how it is for a lot of people. VM isn’t hated, it just isn’t loved… and with the current season not even the fans truly like it anymore. I could see it come back, though, if the network is a appreciative of the new format and if the ordered pilots flunk. Veronica Mars is doing very poorly ratings wise, though, and I can’t see why they would keep both that and One Tree Hill. Also, the network seems to have a lot of confidence in Hidden Palms and Gossip Girl so I imagine they would clear up some space esp. if Gilmore Girls returns with a shortened season.

  • “VM isn’t hated, it just isn’t loved…”

    I don’t know about that. I think, like any cult show, some people love it, some people hate it, and many, many, MANY people are indifferent. For some reason, Veronica Mars just isn’t a show that caught people’s eye enough to say, “Hey, I’m going to give that a shot.” As much critical attention as it gets, most people have still never heard of it. I turned many of my friends on to the show by letting them borrow my DVDs, and they all thank me because they would have never even heard of the show if it wasn’t for that. And that’s a problem.

    I will be sad if it gets canceled, but I will understand. TV is a business.

  • Josh

    It would be amazing if the current version of the show were picked up for another season.

    I’d like to see the CW base their decisions on the quality of the shows, like NBC is currently doing. And if they were to do that, there’s no doubt Veronica Mars should return. I’ve watched all four seasons of One Tree Hill, and while I used to like it, it just has not been very good in a long while. Hidden Palms, based on the pilot, is a pure rip-off of The O.C. and Desperate Housewives. And Gossip Girl has zero appeal to me.

  • According to a poster on TWoP who is frequently in contact with Rob Thomas, RT says the CW hasn’t seen the Veronica Mars: FBI stuff yet. They aren’t hearing any of the pitches for season 4 until May 2nd. They have seen the S3 finale and loved that, which RT told Enrico, but beyond that RT doesn’t know why Enrico is saying that.

    Info here: