The End of Veronica and Logan?

Turns out you don’t need a detective father or an adorable dog named ‘back-up’ to snag yourself some incriminating photos. theTVaddict has obtained undeniable proof that the era of LoVe (Veronica Mars and Logan) is over. Click the link below for some very scandalous photos of Veronica and Piz. And LoVe fans, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  • TITI


  • loulou

    Oh no!!! ce n’est pas possible le LOVE c’est V+L mais bon fallait si attendre lol avec toute ces rupture (genre dans le 3*10 ils sont ensemble et dans le 3*12 c’est fini lol)Mais ce ki me deg le plus c kil soit avec PARKER !!!!!c’est pas possible.Mais quand vous faites bien attention piz et veronica il est bien comme meme ce couple (lol) mais je ne pense pas kil ne vont pas finir la saison emsenble'(v+l) c’est évident sinon il n’auron pas fait toute ces rupures et réeconcilliation

    Je pense qu’il yaura une saison 4 (meme si il ya des rumeur ki disent le contraire)la ont attend le 3*16 et dans cette saison il yaura ke 20 episode (enfin je crois^^) et ce n’est pas en 4 épisodes kil vont tout faire. Parceque ci c ca eh bé il vont gacher tout leur saison 3



  • aurélie

    quuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll hhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
    jen veux pas si c ca!!

  • Marion

    Beurk !!!
    C’est horrible !
    Moi qui espérais toujours que Logan et Vero se remmettraient ensemble !

  • Kate


    There is no chance in hell I would pass up the opportunity of being with Logan, to be with that bore Piz.

  • Alice

    moi je trouve kils vont bien ensemble mais je préfére le LoVe

  • Kat’s Meow

    I no longer care what (or who) Veronica does. For me it’s all about Logan. “Logan Echolls” the series anyone? As long as I get plenty of Logan then I’ll be happy. 😀

    PS: I love Chris Lowell I just don’t feel his character fits in well on VM.

  • Peanut butter Spread

    I love Piz. He’s so cute and nice. Piz/Veronica is refreshing. Hey, if Logan can be all lovey-dovey with Parker then Veronica can also have Piz.

    I really hope Piz just stays a nice guy rather than have him turn out to be some wacko at the end, that’d suck.

    Chris Lowell such a hottie, I really heart the guy.

  • SeaShell

    Gawd, finally! Something different. Piz seemed kind of flat at first but it’s nice to see him fleshing out into a likable, stand-alone, character.
    I find it irritating though all the fuss that’s going up about Piz/Veronica. I like the pairing and LoVe is stale but even then I don’t think the show even needs a relationship to carry itself.

  • Jimena

    I HATE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate Pizz
    Logan and Veronica = LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • loulou

    franchement c’est trop nul c’est pas possible,enfin je ne pensais aps ca!!!!c pas possible je veut qu’ils continuent ensemble mais bon.En + a ce qui parrait ya pas de saison 4

    pour voir le 18 de la saison 3 aller sur ce blog:

  • audrey

    moi je trouva ça entre les deux , c’est vrai que c’était mieu le LoVe mais c’est pa si mal piz et véronica mais je préférait le love !!!!

    pour les anglais :

    I think this love is good but I think Piz and veronica is more boring than LoVe !!

  • Steve

    Rob Thomas was right to tell Chris Lowell that a lot (not saying all, but enough of them) of LoVe fans are PSYCHO! I always thought that Logan and Veronica becoming a couple was kind of neat, because of the way it happened and the fact that it kind of came out of nowhere. BUT I HAVE NEVER GLORIFIED THEM TO THE POINT OF CLAIMING THEY ARE SOULMATES!!!!!! Oh HELL NO! Starcrossed Lovers maybe, but Logan brings Veronica down! He’s (as someone else put so well) a jack ass who occasionally decides to reedem himself slightly.

    But Let’s see, Logan has

    1. Humped his best friend’s step mom
    2. Humped his best friend’s (not to mention Veronica’s sworn enemy) girlfriend (Madison).
    3. Left a hotel in Mexico to burn (a fire his stupid friend started) without trying to help or warn anyone. Ran off to save his own skin.
    4. Beat the crap out of an Innocent Piz, simply because of his Jealous rage….anyone that says he did it for noble reasons is full of it.

    Veronica was right…..he’s a lunatic! But hey, he’s definitely an interesting character.

    All the people that I’ve talked to (with an occassional exception), really Love the Pizonica!…..some of them are even converted LoVe shippers!

  • Isabella

    NOO!! Does the CW really want to get rid of Veronica Mars? If they, are it’s working. This sight is horrifying. Piz is ugly and what parent names their kid Piz??!!! They better not do this to us LoVe fans! The chemistry between Logan and Veronica are off the charts, why stop it now?!!

  • Opamyne

    Salut !
    Et ben moi jetrouve qu’ils sont très beaux ensemble et que Véronica Mérite d’être heureuse avec un gentil garçon tel que Piz.
    Et moi ça me gêne pas du tout car Logan commençait gentiment à me sortir par les yeux.
    Je ne supporte pas les gosses de riches bêtes, prétencieux et immature alors avec Logan, on à gagné le jackpot !
    Voilà, je trouve que Rob Thomas à eu une excellente idée !

  • i’m a huge LoVe fan, as I think most of the people on this list are. but despite that, veronica and logan could both do with a little cheering up. its like catastrophe, drama, and really really intense looking and making out and sex, tears, lies. it gets to be a lot. i get where they might want to explore different love interests for both characters.
    but Pizronica doesn’t make a lick of sense! they’re not buyable as a couple. never have been. piz is like candy coated and he’s all wrong for her. yeah, find her a sweet guy. but one who actually looks like he could hold his own. he’d be like a wife waiting for her husband to come back from war. he’s totally pathetic.
    and logan could do with some laughter. yeah, he’s messed up but no one on the show loves V more. he constantly saves her or protects her. he always cares for her. when he broke up with her, i totally got his point of view. so i think logan could do with someone easier to love, someone who’s truly sweet on him.
    but i’m always crossing my fingers for LoVe!!

  • Danielle

    LoVe Logan and Veronica together. Best couple ever. I really like Logan either way no matter if he’s good or bad. Just don’t like when he’s all sad and gloomy so i’m just going to pretend that they ended up in imaginary episode 1 of season 4. [;

  • Shavanapilar

    still shavanapilar. edit: not that women who wait for their husbands to come back from war are pathetic. i just mostly think that piz is pathetic. two people have to save each other equally…and veronica would always be saving piz. that's what makes their relationship totally doomed to failure.