theTVaddict First Look: GILMORE GIRLS Season (Series?) Finale Pics

Thanks to, you don’t have to wait until the GILMORE GIRLS season (series?) finale to see Rory meet her hero. In the May 15 episode, aptly titled, “Bon Voyage,” CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour makes a guest appearance, as Stars Hollow throws a huge graduation party for Rory. For more pics of Rory’s Graduation, including some interesting invitees — click the link below.

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  • Lil

    OMG, Luke’s eyes! I LOVE him!!!! Nothing more to say.

  • vivalagilmore

    I love luke!!!!!!!!! I hope him and lorelai get back together!!!! In the pic where the town has the sign saying “Bon Voyage Rory” is it raining out?

  • Lisa

    Whoa! (fanning self after getting up off the floor) I almost needed hospitalization after seeing that picture of Luke. He’s so gorgeous, pics of him should come with a warning. I’m so grateful though, I won’t send you fine people any medical bills.

  • Marian


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  • michelle

    i really hope that luke and Lorelai get back together

  • Abbygail

    Im so happy and so sad that gilmore girls is ending. Lorelai and luke do het together… i heard that they kiss WOW. On The episode Lorelai? Lorelai? Did any one eles notice that when lorelai was singing and luek waked im how everyone knew that the song was totally for luke and rory looked like so suprised almost like she didnt know that her mom still loves luke.. SO CUTE

    BUBI GILMORE GIRLS!!!(lauren grahams so pretty)

  • Charmaine

    Hey hi! from Toronto! we are really sad to see this show end, it seem’s there ‘s a lot more this show could still say.The last couple of seasons were really hard for the fans to watch Lorlelie marry someone other than Luke even if it was Rory’s dad.We missed the town’s people and it feel’s like their just getting back on track and it’s over.We know it’s just a show ,but, it’s a great show!!! I guess alot of us don’t understand when the show is doing so well why give it up???well,we wish you all the very best and hate to see you go!!!!!!! thank’s for a great show!! from all of us here in Toronto!!!

  • high royalty

    If your out on the road feeling lonely and so cold all you have to do is call my name and i’ll be there on the next train where you lead i will follow anywhere that you tell me to if you need said if you need me to be with you i will follow oh oh oh! where you lead i will follow any anywhere that you tell me to if you need said if you need me to be with you i will follow where you lead. I will always love you gilmore girls you guys are the best and i will hate when all my shows start back up for next season in the fall and you guys won’t be there! Love YA always ROGAN forever(Rory and logan=Rogan) and Sukeson (sukey and jackson=sukeson) and lorke(lorelai and luke=lorke)

  • michelle

    they should not end the show yet there’s to much left open they should at least have one more season and it sux that rory an logan aren’t together but at least luke and loreai kiss i will miss these show so much.

  • Sophie

    I absoulutely think Rory and Dean should have ended up together it sucks that they didn’t .

  • kelsi

    i don’t think that rory sould of ended up dean dean is a baby i think logan and rory should of gotten married and lolai and luke!