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This week, theTVaddict called out to readers for TV related questions (anything to avoid real work). Frankly, I was a bit surprised at the sheer number of questions — seriously folks, I didn’t expect this to turn into real work! But since it did, I thought I’d post all the answers I’ve tracked down for you so far. If your question hasn’t been answered, stay tuned…

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HappyFan Asks: Since you mentioned it, when is KIDNAPPED coming to DVD? I [apparently was the only one] who loved that series!
theTVaddict: KIDNAPPED, one of my personal favourite series of the fall makes its way to DVD this Tuesday April 24. The complete series (all thirteen episodes) are currently available at amazon for $37.46. More importantly, NBC was kind enough to give the producer’s fair warning with regards to their impending doom — so they were able to craft a proper (and apparently fantastic) ending to the short-lived series.

Frank asks: I need to start my season finale schedule. When are these shows wrapping up their seasons? How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Lost, Scrubs and The Office
theTVaddict: Great Question Frank! Since you’re obviously too lazy to look this up yourself here are the season finale dates for your favourite shows 🙂
HEROES – May 21
VERONICA MARS – May 22 (Two-Hour Special)
SCRUBS – May 17

Jason in the OC asks: Is Friday Night Lights worth getting into? I’ve avoided the football-themed show but it seems to be a critical darling. Isn’t it just pandering to Red Staters?
theTVaddict: Jason, FNL is so much more than just football and regardless of what state you’re in — I guarantee you’ll love it. In fact I’m so confident you’ll jump on the bandwagon that I’m going to ‘gift’ you the season premiere on iTunes (assuming you have iTunes). Just email me your iTunes ID to Yes folks, I’m that dedicated to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS getting a second season!

Sam asks: What ever happened to ABC’s midseason replacement Traveler and can someone tell me once and for all if the Heroes season finale will be 2 hours?
theTVaddict: Well Sam, technically the column is called ‘Got A Question for theTVaddict’ not ‘Got TWO Questions…’ No worries though, I’ll let it slide this time. ABC’s midseason replacement has actually become a summer series (probably not a good sign). THE TRAVELER premiers on ABC on Wednesday May 30 at 10PM. Stay tuned for an early look from, coming soon. In terms of HEROES, the finale is one hour, and will air on NBC on May 21.

David asks: Ok…when the heck is The N going to give some new episodes of Degrassi? The season is probably already over for you guys up north!
theTVaddict: Firstly David, the season isn’t over for your friends up in the Great White North. But it will be by the time you get to see new episodes. DEGRASSI returns to the N network on June 29, 2007 and with it comes some of your favourite recent grads. Additionally, Paige, Alex (or Palex as the kids are calling them), Marco, Dylan and Ellie all return to play prominent roles. Fans should also expect to see the return of a few Lakehurst students as Degrassi deals with the fall-out from J.T.’s shocking death.

If you have a question for next week’s Ask Ausiello theTVaddict Mailbag, post away below or feel free to email

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  • Update for everyone on Traveler….. got an email from my ABC rep saying the scheduling boss decided to run a sneak preview of the first episode during sweeps.. and get this…. airing it on May 10th after a new Grey’s…. Great news!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    That is so cool that you gifted Friday Night Lights to Jason, the guy who asked about the show.

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s a political show just because it’s set in small town Texas. The series simply shows how these characters live their lives, and in fact, rarely mentions much of anything outside their town. It’s day to day life shown so honestly and realistically that you can’t help but become invested in the characters. President Bush has never even been mentioned in the show! Oh, and the mayor of the town is a lesbian.

    I hope your confidence in the show spurs some others besides Jason to download the episodes from iTunes or watch them on (for free!)

  • becky

    I have a question, what happened to “rules of engagement?” I really liked it on CBS and then it just stopped airing, i really liked it, but is it cancelled already? Thanx for answering our questions 🙂

  • mellonmarshall

    I know I love Friday Night Lights just don’t ask me a thing about the football (I’m english so don’t have a real clue what going on plus I pretty clueless of the school stuff as well)
    I was unhappy at the beginning of the season because noone was buying it, but I do like ITV4 (the guys showing it here) saying it a collage team (do voiceover men watch what they talking about?????)