More VERONICA MARS Controversy

In response to a Enrico Colantoni’s (Keith Mars, VERONICA MARS) recent interview with The Toronto Star, TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello talked to MARS Mastermind Rob Thomas who had this to say:

“Dawn Ostroff hasn’t seen the presentation… I have no earthly idea what Enrico is talking about. The network doesn’t see it or hear our pitches for VM College or VM FBI until May 2.”

This differing opinions begs the question, whom do you believe? Enrico Colantoni, the unassuming actor who seemingly made an innocent off-the-cuff remark while shooting a movie in Toronto. Or the media savvy and calculating Rob Thomas who’s going to do everything in his power to ensure VERONICA MARS sees a fourth season. What are those rules again for catching someone in a lie? Where’s Veronica and her detective skills when you need her?

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  • Tim Wilkins

    Nothing worse than “he said, she said.” Lets just wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed VM fans. Tim W.